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Design and Development
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CoroWare Introduces the Explorer
CoroWare has released a ruggedized R&D robot that is designed for operation in highly unstructured, outdoor locations.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jun 26, 2009
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CoroWare Technologies, a subsidiary of CoroWare, Inc. (OTCBB:COWI), today announced availability of the Explorer, an all-terrain robot designed and optimized for conducting R&D into new robotic applications that operate in unstructured, outdoor environments.

“Our R&D customers wanted a robot comparable to the CoroBot that could be taken outdoors,” said Jon Mandrell, Vice President of CoroWare. “We listened to what they were asking for and expanded the framework of the CoroBot accordingly. The result is the Explorer.”

Built on a ruggedized chassis, the Explorer excels outside the lab, navigating rough terrain and resisting environmental elements. The Explorer’s camera, wheel encoders and GPS enable the robot to examine the environment while the fully articulated 4-wheel-drive ensures the Explorer can navigate curbs, steps and inclines.

“Companies like CoroWare help move the robotics industry forward by developing tools that enable the research and development of novel robotic applications,” said Dan Kara, industry analyst and President of Robotic Trends. “Moreover, the operating environments for these applications should not be limited to structured, indoor settings, but extend to highly unstructured, outdoor locations. The Explorer provides an excellent R&D platform for building robotics applications that operate outdoors.”

Competitive Advantages
The Explorer is designed to withstand contact with common field elements that can damage or disable less rugged bots—including dirt and dust, leaf debris, shallow puddles, sand and gravel. The Explorer also features expansive program storage space and a 2.0 GHz processor with more than enough horsepower to run additional applications without bogging down.

The robot’s top deck provides ample mounting space for additional hardware components such as laser range finders and environmental sensors. An open-ended design allows researchers and developers to modify and customize each robot to meet specific requirements.

Pricing and Availability
For a complete list of specifications and pricing, please visit The Explorer is available now.

About CoroWare
Headquartered in Redmond, WA with employees and partners around the world, CoroWare Technologies is built on integrity, ingenuity and good old-fashioned hard work. CoroWare specializes in providing communication and automation products and services to optimize the technology investments of enterprise customers.

Offering a broad spectrum of customized customer-focused solutions, including telepresence, robotics development and IT lab management, CoroWare combines the flexibility of a small company with international resources to design the right-sized solution at the right price.

CoroWare’s experts understand the challenges companies face to keep business running smoothly, meet project deadlines, implement innovative ideas and stay within budget. For more information on all of CoroWare’s products and services visit

Kami Noland
P:  (800) 641-2676 x728

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