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Design and Development
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Gostai Urbi Technical Training Session Announced
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 31, 2008
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Paris based Gostai is running a 2 day advanced technical training session for the Universal Real-time Behavior Interface (Urbi), a powerful parallel script engine coupled with the UObject component architecture.  Urbi, which has been employed in the development of many robots and robotic products, is used to control hardware and software components in a flexible and portable way.  The session is to run September 29-30, 2008 in Paris, France.

What: Gostai Advanced Urbi Training (2 days)
Where: ENSTA/Gostai 32 Bd Victor, Paris France
When: September 29-30, 2008

Urbi is a middleware for robotics, which includes dedicated abstractions to handle parallelism and event-based programming from within C++, Java or Matlab, together with a distributed component architecture called UObject. Urbi is flexible and can be interfaced with other technologies like Player/Stage or CORBA, it works with C++, Java, Matlab on Linux or Windows. The main focus is on simplicity, flexibility and code re-use, while providing convenient abstractions needed in the development of complex robotics applications with real-time capabilities. Urbi is already compatible with 16 different type of robots, and is also used in Robocup, especially through the competition.

Gostai’s specialized Urbi Advanced Training sessions are designed to provide attendees with a practical and broad knowledge about all aspects of the Urbi technology. This includes: the urbiscript parallel language, the UObject architecture and how to use it to build a customized Urbi Engine for any robot, the Urbi Studio graphical programming suite, advanced asynchronous programming and how to use Urbi in simulated environments.

A medium level in C++ or Java is required, and a basic understanding of classical programming techniques. No previous knowledge of Urbi is necessary.

Target Audience
Researchers, PhD, Engineers

Sept 29-30 (right after IROS)

We are located inside Paris:

1500€ ex.VAT for the two days, includes lunch.

Detailed description of the training session (pdf):

Jean-Christophe Baillie
Gostai SAS
Administration :  15 rue Vergniaud 75013
R&D :  32 Boulevard Victor 75015
Paris, France
P:  +33/0 1 45 52 64 80

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