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Design and Development
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iRobot Selects TYZX 3D Vision Systems for Advanced Sensing on Military Robots
iRobot Selects TYZX 3D Vision Systems for Advanced Sensing on Military Robots
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Aug 11, 2009
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TYZX stereo vision provides depth perception to help unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) avoid obstacles and manipulate sensitive objects.

TYZX, the 3D vision technology company, today announced that iRobot Corporation has chosen the TYZX DeepSea G2 Embedded Vision System (EVS) for several military robotics research projects requiring real-time vision and depth-perception. iRobot has demonstrated the ability to integrate the TYZX G2 EVS onto its PackBot® and Warrior™ platforms: rugged tactical mobile robots designed to perform dangerous search, reconnaissance and bomb-disposal missions while keeping troops out of harm’s way.

The TYZX G2 EVS provides:

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness Via 3D Visualization – Standard monocular cameras provide video footage that is “flat,” sometimes making it difficult for a robot operator to judge distance. 3D visualization provides depth perception and a more detailed view of the environment. Using an operator control unit (OCU) integrated with TYZX stereo vision data, the robot operator can more easily manipulate objects such as unexploded ordnance.
  • Person Detection and Person Following Capabilities – Using the TYZX system for person detection, iRobot researchers are developing advanced autonomous navigation algorithms to demonstrate person following capabilities. Using onboard sensing from the TYZX system, iRobot’s tactical mobile robots have demonstrated the ability to detect, recognize, track, and follow specific persons of interest.
  • Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance (ODOA) Capabilities for Increased Autonomy – TYZX G2 technology has enabled iRobot’s SEER payload for its PackBot and Warrior platforms to support autonomous ODOA for complex vertical structures. Whereas traditional planar LIDARs provide only a 1D horizontal sweep of obstacles, TYZX technology provides range details in 2D. This allows the robot to sense how high an obstacle is and to determine if it can overcome that obstacle.

“The TYZX G2 EVS provides our robots with the ability to sense and assess the surrounding environment,” said Tom Wagner, Vice President and Technical Director for iRobot. “The G2’s onboard processing capability, as well as its lack of moving parts, makes it a fitting sensor for our PackBot and Warrior platforms. Our robots are used in complex terrains and the G2 system provides sensor data needed to enable advanced capabilities on our platforms.”

“UGV platforms such as the iRobot PackBot have proven to be indispensable for warfighters and first responders,” said Ron Buck, President and CEO of TYZX. “Even in challenging lighting conditions, TYZX 3D vision systems provide the rich, real-time visual data, 3D data, and post-processed data (such as TYZX ProjectionSpace) these systems require for improved situational awareness and increased levels of autonomy.”

About TYZX, Inc.
TYZX ( is a 3D vision company that provides a platform of hardware, software and services for building products that see and interact with the world in three dimensions. TYZX delivers high volume, cost-effective 3D vision solutions to industry leaders in the automotive, consumer electronics, robotics and security markets. TYZX, a privately held company, is backed by investments from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Takata, the global manufacturer of automotive safety systems.

John Bennett
Bennett Strategy for TYZX
P:  510-495-6590

Ron Buck
P:  408-282-4510

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