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Design and Development
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New Micro Brushless Motors from MICROMO
MICROMO introduces the new 0824 and 1028 motors from the FAULHABER Group
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Mar 05, 2013

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MICROMO introduces the new 0824 and 1028 motors from the FAULHABER Group.  The new high performance, high precision motors are ideal for a wide variety of applications in such markets as medical devices and robotics.

The 0824 and 1028 motors offer high precision speed control and optimal power in the smallest size.  The micro brushless series also includes 6 and 12 mm motors.  The new motors are ideal for a variety of applications in the medical device, robotics and optics and photonics markets.   MICROMO provides a complete, flexible systems solution.  The motors can be used with a wide variety of FAULHABER Group encoders, gearheads and speed and motion controllers.  

In addition, the new motors offer excellent dynamic characteristics, low weight and high stall torque.  New materials are just part of what is driving best in class performance.  MICROMO is a member of the global FAULHABER Group and provides a wide range of FAULHABER products for the North American market.


MICROMO, a member of the FAULHABER Group, has been a full service, value added partner to the robotics industry in North America for custom micro motion solutions for over 50 years.   MICROMO offers excellence in  micro motor and encoder technology as well as design customization.  MICROMO brings together value-added services and cutting-edge technologies from around the world through high efficiency, high performance rotary and linear offerings, such as brushed, brushless, stepper, thin-profile DC, piezoelectric  and linear motors for diverse applications (   MICROMO provides full service design, sourcing and manufacturing capability on a global basis to deliver benchmark motion solutions. 

Decades ago in Germany, it all started with the FAULHABER coil, the landmark invention by Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. The self-supporting, ironless rotor coil design paved way for a new industry that produces millions of motors today.


MICROMO’s benchmark contributions with custom motion solutions are a part of leading robotics applications, such as unmanned systems, surgical devices, haptics systems, personal robotics and a wide range of robotic systems used in automation and the semiconductor market.


MICROMO’s value-added capabilities include the following:

  • Widest range of rotary and linear motion solutions
  • ISO 9001 and 13485 certification
  • Clean room subassembly (12,000 square feet, class 100,000 capable)
  • Express Prototyping – assemblies from a wide variety of stocked components (two days)
  • Machining center  (5,000 square feet)
  • Extensive engineering, design and program management  services and testing facility
  • Customization from design concept to assembly
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Local inventory
  • 73,000 square foot facility in Clearwater, Florida


MICROMO has helped a wide array of industries for years through a variety of applications. MICROMO’s experienced engineers look beyond just components to offer solutions optimized for your device’s mechanics and electronics. The MICROMO team looks forward to partnering with you to make your next design a success.

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