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Design and Development
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PMD Enhances Its Prodigy Family of Motion Cards With New Features and Peripherals
Enhancement to Performance Motion Devices’ motion control cards eases the development of motion control applications.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jan 14, 2010

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User accessible on-board non-volatile memory (NVRAM) and the IM600 Interconnect Module, which that simplifies the process of connecting various motion peripherals, are the newest additions to PMD’s Prodigy Motion Control Cards.

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) has enhanced its Prodigy family of motion control cards with new features and peripherals. The added capabilities will benefit both development and production applications by simplifying the programming and connectivity of the Prodigy motion controllers.

All Prodigy/CME controllers have been upgraded to include user accessible on-board non-volatile memory (NVRAM). This new memory area allows users to store configuration parameters, program variables, and other data items directly on the card so that they do not need to be loaded as part of the power-up sequence. Information stored in the non-volatile memory area is not lost when power is removed from the card. 

To speed development of Prodigy motion control applications, a new Interconnect Module, the IM-600, has been released that simplifies the process of connecting various motion peripherals to the Prodigy card. The IM-600 connects to the Prodigy’s option connector and Pulse & Direction connector providing jack screw “breakout” functionality, making it easy to quickly hand-connect devices to the Prodigy. The IM-600 features a DIN mountable package for easy panel mounting.

The Prodigy Family of Motion Cards provides high performance board-level motion control for scientific, industrial, robotic, and general purpose automation applications. These cards support multiple motor types including DC brush, brushless DC, step, and microstepping motors, and are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions. Based on PMD’s industry leading Magellan® Motion Processor, the Prodigy cards provide user-selectable profile modes including S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. Servo loop compensation utilizes a full 32-bit position error, PID with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limit and dual biquad filters for sophisticated control of complex loads. Prodigy Motion Cards come with serial, CAN and Ethernet communications options.

For more on Prodigy® Motion Cards, please visit

To see how PMD motion control chips, cards or drives can improve your next application, contact us at +1-781-674-9860 or for a free analysis.

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