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Design and Development
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Providing Customers with Cost Effective, Highly Integrated Sensors to Aid in Navigation Applications
With a combined miniature AHRS and onboard GPS receiver, the 3DM-GX3-35 sensor maintains a small footprint and outputs inertial and GPS data with a time-stamping feature to improve data analysis.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Apr 08, 2011

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A common hurdle for customers looking for navigation solutions is the relatively high cost of very precise inertial navigation units. MicroStrain provides a step in overcoming this barrier. By combining one of the smallest and lightest attitude heading reference system (AHRS) on the market with an onboard GPS receiver, exceptional data accuracy can be attained, particularly in applications in which users are implementing their own host-based GPS/INS Kalman filter.

The newest in a line of inertial sensors, the 3DM-GX3-35, with its combined miniature AHRS and onboard GPS receiver, maintains a small footprint, ideal for applications with weight and size constraints. The new sensor is able to output inertial and GPS data with an innovative, synchronized time-stamping feature, which significantly improves data analysis. In addition, the ability to achieve high sample rates and data rates enhances sensor performance under vibration conditions.

A powerful new application programming interface (API) offers 3DM-GX3-35 users added features such as the ability to customize data messages for specific quantities at mixed data rates. This unprecedented user control allows for more tailored and robust data, while eliminating unwanted data. The new API is ready for the next generation of integrated inertial sensors, yet is also backward-compatible, allowing users to leverage existing code with minimal modification and expense.

The 3DM-GX3-35 is ideal for customers who need to obtain time-correlated inertial and position information in a small, tightly integrated package. This inertial measurement unit (IMU) can also provide basic attitude measurement and position measurements. Because the 3DM-GX3-35 does not have an integrated Kalman filter, it is particularly beneficial for customers whose application requires that they develop their own customized algorithm.

The 3DM-GX3-35 provides a cost-effective solution across a range of applications. The combination of the AHRS and GPS data makes the 3DM-GX3-35 ideally suited for indoor/outdoor applications such as personnel tracking. Platform stabilization applications also take advantage of the features that the 3DM-GX3-35 offers, so that optimal position of cameras and antennas can be obtained. Smaller and lighter unmanned vehicles and robots, where the combination of AHRS and GPS in a small, lightweight package will improve implementation, will also see benefits from this device in both cost and performance.

MicroStrain is a leading manufacturer of inertial measurement systems, micro-displacement transducers, wireless sensor networks, and energy harvesting technologies. Recognized as a leader in the sensor industry, MicroStrain has received multiple awards for product innovation. For more information, visit

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