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Design and Development
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ROBOTIS CM-900: Let the Robot Party Begin
Open Source 32-bit ARM Cortex Embedded Board for $19.90
By RoboticsTrends' News Sources - Filed May 09, 2013

Prof. Mason at CM-900 workshop (top left)

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ROBOTIS, a leading provider of smart servo DYNAMIXEL & open-source humanoid DARwIn-OP, has recently released the CM-900, a 32-bit ARM Cortex embedded board dedicated to develop robots at $19.90 price tag.

Era of Open Hardware

In recent years, Arduino has been leading the open hardware movement thanks to its low cost microcontroller, open source software and contributions from like-minded people. A growing number of robot developers using DYNAMIXEL also wanted to find ways to share their ideas and cooperate like Arduino did. The CM-900 project was launched by ROBOTIS to create an open hardware community with easier access to the robotic world.  

Powerful, Yet Accessible

CM-900 boasts many powerful features. First, it has a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 from STMicroelectronics clocked at 72MHz, and input voltage range from 5V up to 24V which provides enough power for the robots using DYNAMIXEL servos(TTL/RS-485). It has 32 GP I/O ports connecting to other peripheral devices easily.

The CM-900 comes with convenient interfaces to program via USB connection and JTAG. ROBOTIS also developed a new CM-9 IDE that works on Windows/Mac/Linux. Developers can easily utilize libraries that have already been built for Arduino.

Specification of CM-900

  • CPU : STM32F103C8 (ARM Cortex-M3) @ 72Mhz
  • Operation Voltage : 3.3 V
  • Flash : 64 Kbytes
  • SRAM : 20 Kbytes
  • Input Voltage : 5V~24V

(Recommended: USB 5V, DXL 12V, XL-Series 7.4V)

  • Dynamixel TTL Port: 2
  • Dynamixel RS485 Port: 2
  • Dynamixel XL-Series Port: 1
  • I/O : GPIO 32 @ 3.3V (ADC 12bit, SPI, I2C, USART)
  • Micro USB : 1 (2.0 Full Speed)
  • CAN : 1 
  • JTAG & SWD for debug
  • SIZE : 60mm X 54 mm X 1.6 mm


How CM-900 Helped a Project

This January, ROBOTIS ran beta testing and CM-900 workshop with Robotics Society of Southern California. Prof. Martin Mason (Mt. San Antonio College) started developing new robotic applications using the CM-900.  And finally this April, Prof. Mason led his team to build a humanoid that walks through obstacles autonomously, and won the gold medal at RoboGames 2013.

Preparing for RoboGames, we needed more sensing options for the robot, but didn’t have much time to prepare. Working with the CM-900 made it possible to very quickly integrate external analog, digital and image capture devices with our humanoid platform.  Students could leverage Arduino programming skills they already have. CM-900 helped make the robot competition ready.”

Let the Robot Party Begin

Since 1999, ROBOTIS has long been focused on development of modular technology for robotics research and education market. By releasing the CM-900 source code and supporting community activities (, it is quite clear what ROBOTIS want to say, “Let the robot party begin.”

Contact Info:

 To learn more about CM-900 and IDE

For source code and firmware

For distribution & partnership,


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