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Design and Development
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Suidobashi Premiers its Gun-toting Kuratas Robot at Tokyo’s Wonder Festival
The transformer-like robot can be programmed for anything...including carrying heavy artillery
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Aug 01, 2012

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Suidobashi Heavy Industry has just introduced the finished version of its heavy-duty robot dream machine at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo. Developers have been working on the robot, Kuratas, since 2010.

Kuratas, is 12 feet tall and weighs five tons. The robot is modeled to be a human shaped tank with a head, two movable arms, and a four-wheel diesel engine platform that lets the bot travel up to 6.2 miles per hour. It is can be used as an exoskeleton and controlled via joystick from a command chair, or operated remotely via a 3G smartphone or Kinect.

The robot’s purpose is still puzzling. Suidobashi claims the units are customizable. The unit could operate a squirt gun like a fire fighter, boast a camouflage painted body, or grasp a mop and a cleaner like home cleaning robot.

Most notably, Kuratas can be armed with a multi-rocket launcher that fires plastic rockets filled with compressed water or two Gattling cannons that can shoot a about 6,000 plastic BBs per minute

Kuratas currently carries a roughly 100 million Yen price tag (that's around $1,353,500 at current exchange rates). Suidobashi says the robot will be available to the general public for order on their online site when the project is completed. 


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