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Design and Development
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Terrestrial Rover Kickstarter Mission Leads to Telerobotic Parks
Robotics company Arxterra gives "eyes" to wannabe explorers with terrestrial rovers
By RoboticsTrends' News Sources - Filed Apr 03, 2013

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Arxterra, a southern California robotics company, has developed technology for controlling robots via the internet orsmartphones with 3g/4g access. Arxterra will be demonstrating this technology with a terrestrial rover kickstarter mission in the high deserts of California.

From over two hundred miles away, the Arxterra mission control and command center (MC3) will execute the rover’s two mile journey across basalt planes, lava flows, and dried riverbeds to an extinct volcanic crater. This event will be streamed live over the internet allowing viewers to follow and see the mission through the rovers “eyes”.

“Imagine DIY robotic communities building bridges, creating art, or exploring the harshest environments forscience and human exploration. We are releasing to the public the technology needed to construct our robots in the hope of creating a community of enthusiastic individuals that can accomplish something special. Who knows? Maybe our Arxterra robots will pave the way to colonies on Mars.” –Mike Hill, CEO of Arxterra.

After the terrestrial rover kickstarter mission is complete, Arxterra will begin developing and creating robots-only parks where people from around the globe can send their robotsto explore, go on missions, play games, and interact with nature and fellow robots. Arxterra will provide activities, maintenance, camp infrastructure, and the software network to enable these parks. The robot design will be open sourced to encourage redesign and to provide documentation, instruction, and support for anyone who wants build a robot for these parks. As these parks progress and the community around it grows and develops, these missions and games will turn to other avenues including building structures, creating art, educational purposes, and performing science in remote places around the world. 

Arxterra has secured land for the kickstarter mission as well as a location for a scenic park and plans to open one of two campsin 2014. If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Sean Copp at 714-846-1116 or e-mail Sean at . Additional information can also be found at

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