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4 Reasons Programming Robots is Difficult
By Jason Ernst · 21 August, 2015 • Initiative such as the Robot Operation System and OpenCV are making it easier to program robots, there is a need for standard methods for connecting sensors, motors, actuators, cameras and other components to robots. The state of robotics software is somewhat like computers before “plug-and-play” was invented.
Like It or Not, Drone Licensing Is Coming
By Stephen Mann · 21 August, 2015 • Drone licensing is going to happen. Just look at all the hysteria that surrounds every drone sighting. That's why drone hobbyists need to get ahead of the game and propose reasonable licensing now before politicians force unreasonable licensing terms on us.
Rank the Creepiest Humanoid Robots
By RT Staff · 20 August, 2015 • Humanoid robots continue to get creepier and creepier. We need your help to determine which is the creepiest of all time. Vote in our interactive list and let us know which humanoid keeps you up at night.
18 Pros and Cons of Google’s Restructuring for Self-Driving Cars
By Brad Templeton · 14 August, 2015 • Brad Templeton, once a consultant for Google's self-driving car team, offers some insight on how Google's recent restructuring might impact its robocars division.
3 Problems with Amazon’s Drone Airspace Plan
By Jonathan B. Rupprecht, Esq. · 10 August, 2015 • Amazon has a nice plan to safely integrate delivery drones into the air, but it's proposal doesn't exactly line up with the FAA's outlook.
Sullenberger: Drones Will Cause Plane Accidents
By Steve Crowe · 7 August, 2015 • Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who safely landed a plane on the Hudson River in 2009, says a drone will cause a plane accident. Sullenberger says, "It's not a matter of if it will happen. It's a matter of when it will happen."
4 Questions About the Future of Drones
By Steve Crowe · 7 August, 2015 • An expert answers some burning questions about solar-powered drones, Amazon delivery drones, and the impact on the insurance and tourism industries.
Eye in the Sky: Why Pilots May Not See Your Drone
By Michael Carlini, Southern Oregon Drone · 7 August, 2015 • In certain conditions, commercial pilots fly solely by instrument, meaning they might not see drones until it's too late.
How Robotics is Impacting Education
By Ricky Ye, CEO, DFRobot · 6 August, 2015 • Over the next five years, STEM education will have an even bigger impact on the knowledge structure for innovation, spurring the next generation of innovators. As STEM courses become core curriculum, robots will serve as the central force.
4 Challenges Holding Back Robotics
By Jason Ernst · 31 July, 2015 • We examine some of the biggest challenges holding back robotics adoption, including fragmented platforms, interoperability, and ease of programming.
Are We Waiting for a Drone to Take down a Plane?
By Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Air Transport World · 24 July, 2015 • We must have an urgent, honest discussion about what is happening in the skies today. It won’t be popular with drone enthusiasts, but popularity surely does not trump an industry that will be responsible for safeguarding almost 4 billion passengers by 2017.
Why More Drone Regulation is the Wrong Approach
By Stephen Mann · 30 June, 2015 • "Dangerous" and "invasion of privacy" concerns over small UAVs are ridiculous, driven by paranoia borne of ignorance.
Here’s a Perfect Example of Why We Need More Consumer Drone Regulation
By Steve Crowe · 24 June, 2015 • While trying to contain the wildfires in California, firefighters are seeing more consumer drones hovering over active fires.
Drone Experts: Consumer Drone Safety Act Would Stifle Innovation
By Steve Crowe · 23 June, 2015 • Drone experts react to the Consumer Drone Safety Act, saying that adding "technology restrictions doesn’t make sense," that drones would become too expensive and companies would go out of business.
Why Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Will be Here Sooner Than you Think
By Steve Crowe · 17 June, 2015 • The California Labor Commission ruled that an Uber driver should be classified as an employee, giving the startup some incentive to focus even more on self-driving cars.

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