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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick: Self-Driving Cars to ‘Take a lot Longer’
By RT Staff · 19 February, 2016 • Speaking at the TED conference in Vancouver, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said "it's likely to take a lot longer" for self-driving cars hit the roads, and even longer for them to change the world.
Drone Registration Deadline Arrives Amid Confusion, Controversy
By RT Staff · 18 February, 2016 • Steve Hogan stops by the Robotics Trends Podcast to discuss the first two months of the FAA's drone registration system and the impact recent lawsuits will have on the future of drone registration.
NHTSA Shares Reserved Outlook on Self-Driving Cars
By MIT News · 12 February, 2016 • Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, told the MIT AgeLab that it is too soon to say precisely what form vehicular automation will take.
Americans Not Ready for Self-Driving Cars, Poll Finds
By Steve Crowe · 9 February, 2016 • A poll from Morning Consult found registered voters in America don't believe self-driving cars are safe. And 74 percent of those surveyed said it's not OK to be drunk while riding in a self-driving car.
Rank the Best Super Bowl Robot Commercials
By Steve Crowe · 5 February, 2016 • We look at the most memorable Super Bowl robot commercials of all time.
Why Robots Should Replace NFL Players
By Hank Pellissier, · 5 February, 2016 • We can't protect the brains of today's NFL players, so let's yank them off the field and replace them with metallic, omnipotent wonder-athletes.
Will Self-Driving Cars Benefit from These Innovative Underpasses?
By Brad Templeton · 4 February, 2016 • Self-driving car expert Brad Templeton says a new type of intersection being developed in Malaysia will increase road efficiency and encourage the use of small, lower-height vehicles.
Robots at CES 2016: Highlights, Takeaways, Wisdom
By Steve Crowe · 22 January, 2016 • A recap of robotics at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Share the highlights, takeaways, and wisdom from the three expert sessions at our CES 2016 conference: take an honest look at the state of the home robotics market
Will Privacy be an Issue With Self-Driving Taxis?
By Brad Templeton · 20 January, 2016 • It will be sad to lose the anonymous taxi we used to have, where you hailed a cab and paid in cash and no record was made. Brad Templeton explores a potential privacy issues with self-driving taxis.
Google Self-Driving Cars Still Need Human Intervention
By Brad Templeton · 19 January, 2016 • A Google report explains how often its driverless cars have been in near-crashes on California roads. Between September 2014 and November 2015, Google’s self-driving cars in California experienced 272 failures and would have crashed at least 13 times if human test drivers had not intervened.
Relive the CES Robotics Conference
By RT Staff · 15 January, 2016 • The CES 2016 Robotics Conference Track featured discussions about AI, cloud robotics, personal robots and more. Watch the Robotics Conference here.
Why Home Robots Must Continue to Evolve
By Eugene Demaitre · 14 January, 2016 • Robots are entering household use, but could single-purpose robots actually create more work for users?
California Wants to Ban Google’s Self-Driving Car
By Brad Templeton · 18 December, 2015 • California wants to make it illegal to operate a self-driving car without a specially-licensed driver on board and ready to take control. This would effectively ban Google's self-driving car in the state and end California's run as the leader of the robocar race.
Do Jibo’s Imperfections Make Him More Entertaining?
By Team Jibo · 4 December, 2015 • None of us are perfect, not even Jibo. And that’s what makes us fun.
Drone Registration ‘Will be Really Bad:’ Task Force Member
By Steve Crowe · 24 November, 2015 • Bob Young, CEO of PrecisionHawk, said future versions of the drone registration system will need a "reasonably sophisticated way of connecting a drone to its operator.”

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