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Drone Registration ‘Will be Really Bad:’ Task Force Member
By Steve Crowe · 24 November, 2015 • Bob Young, CEO of PrecisionHawk, said future versions of the drone registration system will need a "reasonably sophisticated way of connecting a drone to its operator.”
3 Problems with the Drone Registration Recommendations
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 24 November, 2015 • The FAA task force made its recommendations for a drone registration system, and it doesn't appear it will be cleared in time for the holiday season. We examine some of the potential problems with the drone registration recommendations.
Parenting in the Tech Age: How Tech in the Classroom Will Impact the Playroom
By Ricky Ye, Founder & CEO, DFRobot · 14 November, 2015 • By introducing STEM-learning concepts such as programming, coding and robotics, parents can open the doors of the maker movement.
Podcast: Talking Drone Regulations with Attorney Steve Hogan
By Steve Crowe · 13 November, 2015 • We discuss the uproar over drone registration, loopholes in the proposed system, and why the drone industry should be more concerned about laws on the local level than the FAA regulations.
Why Drones Need 2 Types of ID
By John Blair · 10 November, 2015 • There are numerous ways to identify people who misuse drones and limit improper drone operation. Here's a modest proposal for why drones should carry two types of identification: a physical tag and an electronic tag.
Don’t Drink & Drone
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 4 November, 2015 • Recreational and commercial flyers can't operate a drone while under the influence. Here's everything you need to know about one of the lesser known regulations regarding drones.
When it Comes to Self-Driving Cars, Tesla Has Nothing on Google
By Brad Templeton · 27 October, 2015 • We’ve seen claims that Tesla has beaten Google to the punch when it comes to bringing self-driving cars to the masses. But while Tesla Autopilot is a worthwhile step forward, it shouldn't even be compared to a Google self-driving car.
Podcast: Doubt Surrounds Drone Registration
By Steve Crowe · 20 October, 2015 • We chat with Jonathan Rupprecht, a leading drone and aviation lawyer, about the impending drone registration and the implications for hobbyists.
11 Problems with Drone Registration
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 19 October, 2015 • The US government will soon require tech enthusiasts to register their drones with the Department of Transportation to crack down on reckless flying. The goal is to have the program in place by Christmas 2015, but there are many obstacles in the way.
Are We Overhyping Tesla Autopilot?
By Brad Templeton · 15 October, 2015 • Brad Templeton says Tesla's Autopilot, and similar systems, might not be that exciting, serving as a stepping stone products to something that will truly change the world.
Why Self-Driving Cars Should Never be Fully Autonomous
By MIT News · 13 October, 2015 • MIT professor and historian David Mindell predicts fully driverless cars will not be the most successful version of autonomous vehicles, for both technical and social reasons. Here's why he says Google’s utopian autonomy is a more brittle, less functional solution than a rich, human-centered automation.
2 Easy Ways the FAA Can Promote Drone Safety
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 9 October, 2015 • The FAA's message on drone safety has been inconsistent over the years. Here are two quick things it could do to properly promote drone safety.
5 Questions About AI With Stephen Hawking
By Steve Crowe · 8 October, 2015 • Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking held a Reddit AMA about artificial intelligence. It was the third largest AMA in Reddit history with more than 9,000 comments.
Do We Really Need a Robot That Doubles as a Smartphone?
By Steve Crowe · 6 October, 2015 • RoboHon is a bi-pedal robot that doubles as a smartphone that can read text messages, walk, talk, dance, and be your personal assistant. But is it practical?
Could a Volkswagen-Like Scandal Happen to Self-Driving Cars?
By Brad Templeton · 6 October, 2015 • It’s not too surprising companies might cheat to improve the bottom line, especially when they convince themselves they won’t get caught. What does the recent Volkswagen scandal mean for self-driving cars? Brad Templeton explains.

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