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8 Reasons Self-Driving Cars Are a Cyclist’s Best Friend
By Steve Crowe · 2 October, 2015 • Most drivers are in such a hurry they don't pay any attention to the most exposed commuters on city streets: cyclists. Here's why cyclists are better off in a world without human drivers.
4 Challenges Holding Back Swarm Robotics
By Jason Ernst · 28 September, 2015 • The main factors holding back swarming robotics are the stigma of widespread robots, the lack of reliable communications, readily available distributed algorithms, and the cost of individual robots. However, these are quickly changing and the concerns can be mitigated by designing safeguards into these complex systems.
A Look Back: Major Changes in Robotics Since 2007
By Emmet Cole · 23 September, 2015 • As Robotiq prepares for RoboBusiness 2015, it's a good time to consider some of the major changes in the world of robotics since 2007, the year it first attended RoboBusiness.
Chris Anderson’s Plan to Save the Drone Industry
By Steve Crowe · 16 September, 2015 • Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, says drones can be smarter, thanks to the cloud, and can self-regulate the skies.
LIDAR Hacks Fairly Unlikely Attacks on Self-Driving Cars
By Brad Templeton · 14 September, 2015 • To attack a self-driving car's LIDAR system, the hacker needs to physically be near the car and a solid object needs to be in front of the car. As Brad Templeton explains, other sensors in self-driving cars can more easily be compromised.
Chris Anderson: Drone “Jackassery” Must Stop
By Steve Crowe · 8 September, 2015 • Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, says the recent rise in reckless drone flying is "bad and it's going to get worse. And if we don't do something about it, no one's been killed yet, but someone's going to do something really stupid."
Rodney Brooks: AI Systems “Very Narrow Tools”
By Steve Crowe · 4 September, 2015 • Rodney Brooks, co-founder of iRobot and founder, chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics, says AI systems "don't have the intentionality, really, even of an insect, let a lone a small mammal. People hear AI and they think they're these smart machines with wants and desires and capabilities. They don't have any of that. I wish they did, but that's not what we've been able to do in the last, really, 55 years of AI research."
You Should Be More Scared of Smartphones Than Robots
By Steve Crowe · 3 September, 2015 • Gill Pratt, one of the top roboticists in the world, says people should not fear robots because they have legs. He says you should be more worried about all the data you carry around on your cellphone, and who has access to it.
Why Shooting Down Drones is a Federal Crime
By Steve M. Hogan · 2 September, 2015 • A drone is an aircraft under the Federal Aviation Regulations, which means destroying a drone is legally the same as destroying a 747. No matter where you go, the bottom line is clear: shooting down drones is a crime.
Why Do Cops Need Weaponized Drones?
By Steve Crowe · 27 August, 2015 • Bill 1328 just passed, making North Dakota the first state in the US to legalize police use of drones equipped with rubber bullets, pepper spray, tasers and more. The police, however, say they'll only use the drones for search and rescue missions and to photograph crimes scenes. So, remind us again, why do we need weaponized drones?
Narrow Roads No Problem for Self-Driving Cars
By Brad Templeton · 24 August, 2015 • Self-driving cars face many unsolved problems. But contrary to popular belief, narrow roads are not a problem for self-driving cars. In fact, it's a scenario in which the robot cars can far outperform humans
4 Reasons Programming Robots is Difficult
By Jason Ernst · 21 August, 2015 • Initiative such as the Robot Operation System and OpenCV are making it easier to program robots, there is a need for standard methods for connecting sensors, motors, actuators, cameras and other components to robots. The state of robotics software is somewhat like computers before “plug-and-play” was invented.
Like It or Not, Drone Licensing Is Coming
By Stephen Mann · 21 August, 2015 • Drone licensing is going to happen. Just look at all the hysteria that surrounds every drone sighting. That's why drone hobbyists need to get ahead of the game and propose reasonable licensing now before politicians force unreasonable licensing terms on us.
Rank the Creepiest Humanoid Robots
By RT Staff · 20 August, 2015 • Humanoid robots continue to get creepier and creepier. We need your help to determine which is the creepiest of all time. Vote in our interactive list and let us know which humanoid keeps you up at night.
18 Pros and Cons of Google’s Restructuring for Self-Driving Cars
By Brad Templeton · 14 August, 2015 • Brad Templeton, once a consultant for Google's self-driving car team, offers some insight on how Google's recent restructuring might impact its robocars division.

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