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WiBotic PowerPad Wirelessly Charges Drones

WiBotic’s PowerPad wirelessly charges everything from large industrial drones to smaller commercial drones. The PowerPad can wirelessly charge a typical commercial drone battery in the same amount of time as plug-in charger
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Drone Registration Deadline Arrives Amid Confusion, Controversy
By RT Staff · 18 February, 2016 • Steve Hogan stops by the Robotics Trends Podcast to discuss the first two months of the FAA's drone registration system and the impact recent lawsuits will have on the future of drone registration.
FAA Drone Registration Faces Second Lawsuit
By Steve Crowe · 18 February, 2016 • TechFreedom, a Washington, DC-based think tank, has filed a petition for review in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals to overturn the FAA's mandatory consumer drone registration. TechFreedom claims drone registration violates Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.
Drone Safety Rules: How to Avoid a Fat Federal Fine
By RT Staff · 17 February, 2016 • Think you're ready to fly a drone? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of drone safety rules before taking to the skies.
Drones a ‘Real Threat’ to Passenger Planes: IATA
By Steve Crowe · 16 February, 2016 • Tony Tyler, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, talked at the Singapore Airshow about a growing concern about drones flying at low altitudes near airports. Tyler said there needs to be a sensible approach to regulation and a pragmatic method of enforcement for those who disregard rules and regulations.
Week in Review: Google Self-Driving Cars are Legal Drivers
By RT Staff · 12 February, 2016 • A look at the week's top consumer robotics stories, including Google's self-driving cars becoming legal drivers and the FAA shrinking the DC no-drone zone.
London Wants Drone-Hunting Eagles, Too
By Steve Crowe · 12 February, 2016 • Amid growing concerns over using drones to commit crimes and near-misses with airplanes, London's Metropolitan Police is considering eagles to hunt rogue drones.
Watch AI-Equipped Drones Learn to Fly Through Forests
By RT Staff · 12 February, 2016 • Deep learning algorithms have taught drones how to follow an unfamiliar forest trails. These drones could be used to minimize the response time and the risk of injury for those who are lost and those who work in rescue teams.
Watch: Amazon Echo Controls 3D Robotics Iris+ Drone
By Steve Crowe · 9 February, 2016 • Look ma, no hands! Here's how you can fly a 3D Robotics Iris+ Drone using your voice and Amazon Echo.
FAA Eases Drone Restrictions in Washington, DC
By Steve Crowe · 9 February, 2016 • The FAA will allow drones to operate between a 15- to 30-mile radius outside of Washington, DC, but anything within that 15-mile radius is still off limits.
No Drone Violations During Super Bowl 50
By Steve Crowe · 8 February, 2016 • The Federal Aviation Administration said there were four airspace violations during Super Bowl 50, but none of the incidents involved drones.
Drone Registration Surpasses Manned Aircraft
By Steve Crowe · 8 February, 2016 • More than 325,000 people in the United States have registered drones, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and that's more than all of the country's manned aircraft.
Meet the 6 Finalists of the Drones for Good Award
By Steve Crowe · 4 February, 2016 • Here are the six finalists of the UAE Drones for Good Award. Meet the finalists and vote for who will win.
Quiz: Can You Name These Drones?
By RT Staff · 4 February, 2016 • Think you know a thing or two about drones? Take our quiz and see if you can pick the image that matches the name of the drone?
Should Eagles be Used to Capture Rogue Drones?
By Steve Crowe · 1 February, 2016 • Police in the Netherlands are training eagles to capture rogue drones. Tests will last a couple months to determine if the practice is safe for the eagles.
Interactive Map Tracks Drone, Self-Driving Car Legislation
By Steve Crowe · 29 January, 2016 • AUVSI has created an interactive map that organizes data on all unmanned systems-related state legislation in the USA. The map also provides a summary of each of the 150-plus active bills.

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