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Pros & Cons of Trump’s Drone Expansion Program

Jonathan Rupprecht, a leading aviation lawyer who specializes in drones, weighs in with pros and cons of President Trump's plan to expand drone use.
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Interactive Map Tracks Drone, Self-Driving Car Legislation
By Steve Crowe · 29 January, 2016 • AUVSI has created an interactive map that organizes data on all unmanned systems-related state legislation in the USA. The map also provides a summary of each of the 150-plus active bills.
Loon Copter Drone Flies, Floats, Swims Underwater
By Steve Crowe · 26 January, 2016 • Loon Copter, a project out of Oakland University, is a drone that can fly, float, or swim underwater. Loon Copter has a "buoyancy chamber" that allows it to float on water. That chamber, however, can fill up with water, causing the drone to sink and tilt 90 degrees. Loon Copter then use its four rotors to swim around.
Nearly 300K Drone Owners Registered in First 30 Days
By Steve Crowe · 22 January, 2016 • Thirty days after launch, the Federal Aviation Administration says it's pleased with how the public has responded to its drone registry.
FAA Bans Drones at Super Bowl 50
By Steve Crowe · 22 January, 2016 • The FAA is shutting down airspace up to 17,999 and within a 32-mile radius of Levi's Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016.
Watch: DIYer Uses Star Wars Drone as a Snowblower
By Steve Crowe · 21 January, 2016 • A DIYer turns uses his Star Wars Millennium Falcon drone to clear snow off his walkway. Check out how well the drone worked.
Watch: MIT Drone Autonomously Navigates Obstacle Course
By MIT CSAIL · 19 January, 2016 • A new MIT motion-planning algorithm allows drones to do donuts and figure-eights in object-filled environments.
Consumer Drone Market to Reach $4.6 in 2025
By RT Staff · 19 January, 2016 • ABI Research forecasts the future of the drone industry, predicting steady growth for both the hobbyist and prosumer sectors.
7 Best Drones of CES 2016
By Steve Crowe · 15 January, 2016 • Drones were one of the most popular technologies at CES 2016. Here's our list of the most memorable drones from CES 2016.
Meet Ehang’s Human-Carrying Drone
By Steve Crowe · 7 January, 2016 • Ehang's 184 drone can carry one human passenger and fly up to 60 MPH. The prototype drone, which debuted at CES 2016, is controlled by tablet.
Drone Hobbyist Sues FAA Over Registration Rules
By Steve Crowe · 4 January, 2016 • The FAA is being sued in federal court by a drone enthusiast who alleges the registration rules are in violation of Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.
WowWee Shows New AI-Based Robot Toys at CES
By Steve Crowe · 4 January, 2016 • WowWee Robotics will debut CHiP the robot dog, R.E.V. AIR drones, and LUMI drones at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.
Twitter Drone Would be the King of Selfies
By Steve Crowe · 22 December, 2015 • Twitter was granted a patent for a messaging-enabled drone that takes photos and videos that can be shared on user accounts. Twitter users could control the drone's movement and stream what it captures.
Drones Are Taking Over CES 2016
By Steve Crowe · 18 December, 2015 • The Unmanned Systems Marketplace at CES 2016 has grown 200% compared to the 2015 show. There will be a record 27 exhibitors, up from 16 last year, showcasing the latest drone technologies.
Does My Drone Need to be Registered with the FAA?
By RT Staff · 16 December, 2015 • Drone registration begins Dec. 21, 2015. Use this chart to see whether your drone needs to be registered with the FAA.
Intelligent Energy’s Hydrogen-Powered Drones Fly for Hours
By Steve Crowe · 15 December, 2015 • A UK-based company called Intelligent Energy says its hydrogen fuel cell-powered range extender allows drones to fly for "several hours." The range extender can also be recharged in just two minutes, as opposed to a couple of hours.

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