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WiBotic PowerPad Wirelessly Charges Drones

WiBotic’s PowerPad wirelessly charges everything from large industrial drones to smaller commercial drones. The PowerPad can wirelessly charge a typical commercial drone battery in the same amount of time as plug-in charger
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Can Honeybees Help Improve Drones?
By Steve Crowe · 10 May, 2016 • The University of Sheffield thinks bees could be vital in developing drones that are better at avoiding obstacles.
5 Crowdfunding Drone Projects That Failed
By Emmet Cole · 4 May, 2016 • A recap of some of the more memorable drone projects that failed on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.
Students Flying Drones No Longer Need Section 333 Exemption
By Steve Crowe · 4 May, 2016 • The FAA has changed its tune on students flying drones for educational purposes. FAA administrator Michael Huerta said schools and students will soon no longer need a Section 333 exemption or any other authorization prior to flying drones as part of their coursework.
WowWee Lumi Drone Designed for Indoor Gaming
By Steve Crowe · 3 May, 2016 • WowWee is entering the toy drone space with the Lumi drone, a self-stabilizing quadcopter designed for indoor gaming.
Podcast: Drone Strikes, Delivery Drones with’s Dave Brown
By Steve Crowe · 29 April, 2016 • Dave Brown, founder of, joins The Robotics Trends Show to discuss how to stop drone sightings at airports, the drone delivery landscape, and how Flirtey, despite having its delivery drone accepted to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, won't beat Amazon in the delivery drone market.
Flirtey Delivery Drone Donated to Smithsonian
By Steve Crowe · 28 April, 2016 • Flirtey's delivery drone that completed the first FAA-approved drone delivery in the United States has been accepted into the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.
Delivery Drone Tees Off at Japanese Golf Course
By Tim Hornyak · 25 April, 2016 • A Japanese golf course is testing a drone delivery service that delivers refreshments to golfers while they’re on the course. The Sora Raku drone delivery service was developed by online shopping giant Rakuten and Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory.
Podcast: Ricky Ye, STEM Education, Antbo Self-Learning Robot
By Steve Crowe · 21 April, 2016 • Ricky Ye, CEO of DFRobot, joins The Robotics Trends Show to discuss the growing role of robotics in STEM education and the new Antbo self-learning robot for DIYers.
DFRobot Antbo DIY Robot
By RT Staff · 20 April, 2016 • DFRobot has introduced its Antbo DIY robot designed to teach children and teenagers the basic principles of robotics. Antbo has 30 neurons for self-learning and “bionic” capabilities to analyze and understand its surroundings.
Ziro Gesture-Controlled Robot Kit Launches on Indiegogo
By Steve Crowe · 19 April, 2016 • The Ziro gesture-controlled robotics kit lets you design, build and animate robots, controlling them with the lift of a finger or a flick of the wrist.
Drone Hits Plane, Pilot Claims
By Steve Crowe · 18 April, 2016 • A pilot claims a drone hit his British Airways Airbus A320 passenger plane as it approached London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday. There were 132 passengers and five crew on board. No injuries have been reported, and the plane was cleared for its next flight.
Australia Tests Mail Delivery Drones
By Steve Crowe · 15 April, 2016 • Australia Post is testing mail delivery drones that could allow for faster delivery of medication and online shopping items. The delivery drones are expected to cost $10,000 each and can deliver 2kg packages over 25km.
Dad Uses Star Wars Drone to Pull Daughter’s Tooth
By Steve Crowe · 15 April, 2016 • Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod used a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughter's loose tooth.
Japanese Drone Delivers Wine to Nearby Park
By Steve Crowe · 12 April, 2016 • Drone delivery tests have begun the coastal city of Chiba, 25 miles west of Tokyo, marking the first drone deliveries in an urban area of Japan.
MIT 3D Prints Hydraulic Robots
By MIT News · 8 April, 2016 • MIT's method of printing solid and liquid materials simultaneously allows them to create robotic structures that can be hydraulically powered.

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WiBotic PowerPad Wirelessly Charges Drones
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