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Watch a Sawyer Robot Give out Halloween Candy

Georgia Tech's Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning Lab used a Rethink Robotics' Sawyer cobot to hand out 1,000 pieces of candy in three hours to trick or treaters.
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Dad Uses Star Wars Drone to Pull Daughter’s Tooth
By Steve Crowe · 15 April, 2016 • Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod used a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughter's loose tooth.
Japanese Drone Delivers Wine to Nearby Park
By Steve Crowe · 12 April, 2016 • Drone delivery tests have begun the coastal city of Chiba, 25 miles west of Tokyo, marking the first drone deliveries in an urban area of Japan.
MIT 3D Prints Hydraulic Robots
By MIT News · 8 April, 2016 • MIT's method of printing solid and liquid materials simultaneously allows them to create robotic structures that can be hydraulically powered.
MIT’s Chronos Could Lead to Safer Drones
By RT Staff · 5 April, 2016 • MIT's new Chronos system enables a single WiFi access point that can locate users within tens of centimeters. MIT says this could make it easier to control large fleets of drones.
How NVIDIA’s Jetson TX1 is Making Robots Smarter
By Steve Crowe · 29 March, 2016 • Jesse Clayton, NVIDIA's product manager of autonomous machines, joined the Robotics Trends Show to discuss why robots need to be smarter, the challenges involved in doing that, and how the Jetson TX1 can help.
Flirtey Makes First Legal Urban Drone Delivery in US
By Steve Crowe · 25 March, 2016 • Nevada-based startup Flirtey completed the first FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the United States, delivering a package that included bottled water, emergency food and a first aid kit to a residential area in Hawthorne, Nevada.
7 Million Drones Will Fly Over US in 2020, Says FAA
By Steve Crowe · 25 March, 2016 • A new report from the Federal Aviation Administration says drones will be the most dynamic growth sector within aviation in the coming years.
NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Embedded Systems Module
By RT Staff · 25 March, 2016 • NVIDIA Jetson TX1 is an embedded visual computing that delivers the performance and power efficiency needed for deep learning and computer vision applications for drones, robots and other autonomous machines.
Food Delivery Drones May Soon be Here
By RT Staff · 22 March, 2016 • Foodpanda started testing food delivery drones a few months ago. If the trials go well, a Singapore-wide rollout of food delivery drones could happen in the coming years.
Is the FAA Overblowing Risks of Drones?
By Steve Crowe · 18 March, 2016 • A new study from George Mason University found that an incident in which an airplane is damaged by a drone weighing 4.5 pounds should happen once every 1.87 million years of drone flight time.
How to 3D Print a Working Ghostbusters Ghost Trap
By Steve Crowe · 15 March, 2016 • Have you always wanted a Ghostbusters ghost trap of your own? Here's how you can build a working ghost trap with doors, sounds, lights and smoke using a 3D printer.
3D Printed Vascular Tissue Lives Up to 6 Weeks
By RT Staff · 10 March, 2016 • The Wyss Institute's new bioprinting technique creates thick 3D tissues composed of human stem cells and embedded vasculature, with potential applications in drug testing and regenerative medicine.
MakerGirl 3D Printing Workshops Inspire Future Female STEM Leaders
By Steve Crowe · 4 March, 2016 • MakerGirl introduces young girls to STEM through interactive 3D printing workshops where the girls brainstorm, design and print their own projects.
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
By RT Staff · 1 March, 2016 • The DJI Phantom 4 drone is the easiest and safest drone to fly from DJI to date. DJI Phantom 4 drone uses computer vision to reconstruct a 3D model of its environment and intelligently navigate around obstacles.
DJI Phantom 4 Drone Comparison
By Steve Crowe · 1 March, 2016 • Here's a look at how the new DJI Phantom 4 drone compares to the Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 4K drones.

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