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Toyota T-HR3 Humanoid Uses VR to Mimic Humans

Toyota’s third-generation humanoid robot, the T-HR3, uses a force feedback-enabled control system, an HTC Vive VR headset, "data glove" and torque servos to mimic the movements of a human user.
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Tesla Autopilot Shut Down in Hong Kong
By Steve Crowe · 20 November, 2015 • Tesla Model S owners in Hong Kong recently woke up to find the Autopilot semi-self-driving system had suddenly been disabled. Tesla reportedly didn't apply for regulatory approval in Hong Kong.
MIT Helping NASA Build Valkyrie Robots for Space Missions
By RT Staff · 17 November, 2015 • MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is one of just two institutions who will receive “R5,” a six-foot, 290-pound humanoid robot also known as “Valkyrie” that will serve on future space missions to Mars and beyond.
See London Through the Eyes of a Self-Driving Car
By Steve Crowe · 14 November, 2015 • To see how driverless cars might perceive the world, ScanLAB Projects drove a 3D laser scanner through the streets of London.
Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over for Driving too Slowly
By Steve Crowe · 13 November, 2015 • A Google self-driving car was pulled over by a Mountain View, California traffic officer for going 24 mph in a 35 mph zone, causing traffic to back up. Of course, Google capped the speed of its self-driving cars at 25 mph for safety reasons. Impeding traffic is an offense in California under 22400(a) of the California Vehicle Code.
Alpha 2 Humanoid Robot is Your Family’s Personal Assistant
By Steve Crowe · 11 November, 2015 • UBTECH's Alpha 2 humanoid robot is designed as an interactive family companion capable of accomplishing a range of typical household tasks.
Watch: Tesla Autopilot Tested on Highway with Driver in Back Seat
By Steve Crowe · 9 November, 2015 • We've shown you some of the dumb things Tesla Autopilot users have done, but this one takes the cake.
Robot Xingzhe No. 1 Walks 83 Miles Straight Without Falling
By Steve Crowe · 4 November, 2015 • The Chinese robot Xingzhe No. 1 took 360,000 consecutive steps, walking a distance of 83.28 miles in 54 hours. It set a world record for distance walked by a quadruped robot, doubling the previous record set in 2011.
Elon Musk: Tesla Autopilot Needs ‘Additional Constraints’ Due to ‘Crazy’ Drivers
By Steve Crowe · 4 November, 2015 • Due to "some fairly crazy videos" of drivers doing dumb things when using Autopilot in their Model S sedans, CEO Elon Musk says there will be additional constraints added to activate the semi-self-driving technology.
Compressorhead Robot Band Launches Kickstarter for Album, Vocalist
By Steve Crowe · 2 November, 2015 • Compressorhead, an all-robot metal band, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on November 1 to help fund their debut album.
Are Self-Driving Cars More or Less Crash-Prone?
By Steve Crowe · 30 October, 2015 • According to a new study by the University of Michigan Transportation Institute, self-driving cars have a crash rate nearly five times that of human-driven vehicles. However, every accident involving a self-driving car was caused by a human driver in another vehicle.
2 Collisions Avoided Thanks to Tesla Autopilot
By Steve Crowe · 29 October, 2015 • An Uber driver in Seattle recorded the moment his Tesla Model S, while in Autopilot mode, slowed down to avoid a head-on collision.
When it Comes to Self-Driving Cars, Tesla Has Nothing on Google
By Brad Templeton · 27 October, 2015 • We’ve seen claims that Tesla has beaten Google to the punch when it comes to bringing self-driving cars to the masses. But while Tesla Autopilot is a worthwhile step forward, it shouldn't even be compared to a Google self-driving car.
New Apple Hire Points to Self-Driving iCar
By Steve Crowe · 26 October, 2015 • Apple has hired artificial intelligence expert Jonathan Cohen, who ran the deep learning group at Nvidia since 2008. Nvidia's GPUs have been used to power the cameras and radar for self-driving cars.
Should Self-Driving Cars Have to Pass Road Tests?
By Steve Crowe · 23 October, 2015 • The U-M Transportation Research Institute is proposing that self-driving cars be subject to tests that measure their vision, knowledge of traffic laws and other skills.
3 Tesla Autopilot Fails
By Steve Crowe · 21 October, 2015 • Fail videos of Tesla's Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system are starting to emerge, serving as a reminder that plenty of human intervention is still needed and full "hands-off" driving is not advised.

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