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Quarterback Drones Show Off Passing Skills at NFL Pro Bowl

Watch DJI Inspire 1 drones show of their passing skills at the NFL Pro Bowl Skills Competition in Orlando.
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RoboCoach Robot Trainer Personalizing Elderly Workouts
By Steve Crowe · 5 October, 2015 • Seniors centers in Singapore will start using a robot trainer, RoboCoach, to offer personalized workouts that are more enjoyable. RoboCoach will also ensure the seniors are performing the exercises correctly to get the maximum benefit from the workouts.
Watch: Line Marking Robot Creates a Perfect Soccer Field
By Steve Crowe · 1 October, 2015 • Watch a drone's-eye view of the Intelligent One autonomous field marking robot create the perfect soccer field with precision of +/- 2 cm.
Self-Driving Golf Carts Test Skills in Singapore
By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office · 4 September, 2015 • Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology conduct experiment at a public garden in which self-driving golf carts ferried 500 tourists around winding paths trafficked by pedestrians, bicyclists, and the occasional monitor lizard.
Meet the Humanoid Robot Reducing Football Concussions
By RT Staff · 27 August, 2015 • Dartmouth football is using the autonomous Mobile Virtual Player during practice to reduce injuries and simulate realistic game scenarios.
Windows 10 Robot Air Hockey a Nice Addition to Your Man Cave
By Steve Crowe · 11 August, 2015 • Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core is designed to run on Raspberry Pi 2 and MinnowBoard Max, two tiny computers popular in robots. To show off what it can do, Microsoft built a robot air hockey table.
Paralyzed Man to Walk Marathon with Exoskeleton
By Steve Crowe · 29 April, 2015 • Nathan Kirwan, paralyzed from the chest down, is taking 55,000 steps over the next five months, with the help of an exoskeleton, to raise money and help Ireland keep its only publicly-available exoskeleton.
Get a Load of this Sword-Fighting Robot
By Steve Crowe · 17 April, 2015 • How could anyone possibly think it's a good idea to create a sword-fighting robot?
The Best Robots of CES 2015
By RT Staff · 15 January, 2015 • You couldn't escape the robots at CES 2015. Drones, robot toys and humanoids were the talk of Las Vegas. Here are our picks for the best robots of CES 2015.
Mobile Robots Invade CES
By RT Staff · 8 January, 2015 • Acton's RocketSkates and the INMOTION V3 unicycle are some examples of the mobile robots invading CES and making smart mobility personal.
Low-Cost, High-Function Robotic Hands Featured at CES
By RT Staff · 3 January, 2015 • Don't miss startup Open Bionics at the Intel booth
CaddyTrek Robot Golf Caddy
By RT Staff · 31 December, 2014 • For golfers who hesitate in walking their round, the CaddyTrek robot golf caddy provides a solution to the challenge of managing your gear. Now you can just focus on the game!
Camel Racing with Robot Jockeys
By Sam Borden, The New York Times · 29 December, 2014 • The robots, weighing only a few pounds and made to look like tiny jockeys, have taken the place of children as the preferred jockey for camel racing in Abu Dhabi.
Drones Changing the Way We Watch Sports
By Colin Lecher, Popular Science · 12 March, 2014 • Already used for filming at the recent Olympics in Sochi, and Stateside in many 'extreme sports,' drones may appear next in college and prep sports.

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