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Tesla Jumps Onto Self-Driving On-Ramp with Autopilot
By Steve Crowe · 15 October, 2015 • Tens of thousands of Tesla owners will get their first taste of autonomous driving technology as the electric carmaker pushes out its Autopilot software update. Watch Tesla's Model S autonomously navigate the traffic-ridden streets of New York City.
Jay Leno: Self-Driving Cars Pure Hype
By Steve Crowe · 13 October, 2015 • Jay Leno, former host of "The Tonight Show" and car aficionado, says "the idea of you jumping in the back seat with a bottle of scotch in the car driving you from bar to bar, that's not really going to happen."
Watch: Singapore Tests Drone Delivery
By Steve Crowe · 9 October, 2015 • Singapore Post, the country’s national postage company, recently successfully tested drone delivery by carrying a T-shirt and a letter 2.3 kilometers. The delivery took five minutes in a remote part of the country, between Lorong Halus and Pulau Ubin, and a postman received the goods after the drone safely landed.
Drone Footage Captures World’s Worst Traffic Jam in China
By Steve Crowe · 8 October, 2015 • Drone footage of a congested highway in China reveals what happens when several hundred million people return from a week-long national holiday at the same time.
Meet Pitchfire Winner Autonomous Marine Systems
By Steve Crowe · 2 October, 2015 • Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS), a marine data collection, monitoring and transmission solutions provider, recently won first prize at the RoboBusiness Startup Pitchfire event. Get to know AMS in our video Q&A.
Watch: Robot Taxi Trials Coming to Japan
By Steve Crowe · 2 October, 2015 • Robot Taxi will test its self-driving cabs on public roads in Japan beginning early in 2016, taking passengers on two miles trips. The company hopes to commercialize the service by 2020.
Will Robot Dogs Replace Man’s Best Friend?
By Steve Crowe · 1 October, 2015 • Robot pets are still in their infancy, but roboticists say they'll one day be able to read your emotions and respond accordingly. Their memory will even be transferable to an upgraded model to give you a companion for life.
Watch: Line Marking Robot Creates a Perfect Soccer Field
By Steve Crowe · 1 October, 2015 • Watch a drone's-eye view of the Intelligent One autonomous field marking robot create the perfect soccer field with precision of +/- 2 cm.
MIT 3D Printed Soft Robot Hand Adapts to Objects
By MIT News · 1 October, 2015 • MIT researchers have developed a robotic hand with modular fingers made of silicone and embedded with sensors dexterous enough to pick up everything from soft toys to single pieces of paper without needing to be programmed to understand what it’s gripping.
Watch: Yutong Self-Driving Bus Takes 20-Mile Ride in China
By Steve Crowe · 29 September, 2015 • A Yutong self-driving bus just completed a 20-mile intercity drive in Zhengzhou, driving through regular traffic without any human assistance. The bus hit a top speed of 68 km/h, passed 26 traffic lights and was able to change lanes without any problem.
16 Robotics Startups to Watch
By Steve Crowe · 23 September, 2015 • Pitchfire, the "Shark Tank" of robotics, gives 16 startups two minutes to tell a live panel of judges and attendees how their product will be a disruptive technology. Here's a sneak peek at each finalist.
How Jibo’s Movements Help Him Engage with Humans
By Team Jibo · 18 September, 2015 • For social robots, movement is very important as it ties to how much of human communication is non-verbal. Jibo enjoys 360 degrees of motion, and there are two reasons why.
This Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Has Never Lost to a Human
By Steve Crowe · 17 September, 2015 • Janken the rock-paper-scissors robot uses high-speed vision to, in one millisecond, recognize what its opponent will throw and counter with a winning move. Essentially, before you've even thrown rock, paper or scissors, the robot has already beaten you.
Can This Robot Monkey Help Search & Rescue Operations?
By RT Staff · 11 September, 2015 • A robotic monkey controlled with interface technology could give search and rescue machines of the future human intelligence.
Student Crashes Drone into Kentucky Stadium
By RT Staff · 11 September, 2015 • A 24-year-old University of Kentucky student has been charged with wanton endangerment second degree after crashing his drone into the glass on the new suite level on the stadium's south side. Several fans stood just below the crash site, but no one was injured.

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