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How Jibo’s Movements Help Him Engage with Humans
By Team Jibo · 18 September, 2015 • For social robots, movement is very important as it ties to how much of human communication is non-verbal. Jibo enjoys 360 degrees of motion, and there are two reasons why.
This Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Has Never Lost to a Human
By Steve Crowe · 17 September, 2015 • Janken the rock-paper-scissors robot uses high-speed vision to, in one millisecond, recognize what its opponent will throw and counter with a winning move. Essentially, before you've even thrown rock, paper or scissors, the robot has already beaten you.
Can This Robot Monkey Help Search & Rescue Operations?
By RT Staff · 11 September, 2015 • A robotic monkey controlled with interface technology could give search and rescue machines of the future human intelligence.
Student Crashes Drone into Kentucky Stadium
By RT Staff · 11 September, 2015 • A 24-year-old University of Kentucky student has been charged with wanton endangerment second degree after crashing his drone into the glass on the new suite level on the stadium's south side. Several fans stood just below the crash site, but no one was injured.
Drone Films Migrants on Train Tracks Near Hungary Border
By Steve Crowe · 9 September, 2015 • Migrant refugees from the Middle East continue to enter Hungary despite a barbed wire fence along the border. Drone footage from the Associated Press shows crowds walking along train tracks near the border.
Exoskeleton, Spinal Stimulation Help Paralyzed Man Voluntarily Control Legs
By RT Staff · 8 September, 2015 • Mark Pollock was paralyzed in 2010 after falling from a second-story window. Today, with the help of an Ekso Bionics exoskeleton and spinal stimulation, he can voluntarily assist the exoskeleton while taking steps.
Rodney Brooks: AI Systems “Very Narrow Tools”
By Steve Crowe · 4 September, 2015 • Rodney Brooks, co-founder of iRobot and founder, chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics, says AI systems "don't have the intentionality, really, even of an insect, let a lone a small mammal. People hear AI and they think they're these smart machines with wants and desires and capabilities. They don't have any of that. I wish they did, but that's not what we've been able to do in the last, really, 55 years of AI research."
Watch: Farmer Catches Fish with Drone
By Steve Crowe · 3 September, 2015 • A tech-savvy farmer used his DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter to catch a fish and fly it to shore.
Drone Delivery Tests Begin in Finland
By Steve Crowe · 2 September, 2015 • Posti, the Finnish postal service, started experimenting with drone delivery. A custom drone will deliver packages to customers in Helsinki, between the mainland and an island just off shore.
Watch: This Cat Isn’t a Fan of Mini Drones
By RT Staff · 2 September, 2015 • Cats love robot vacuums. But apparently they don't love drones.
Watch: Man Flies in 54-Propeller “Super Drone”
By Steve Crowe · 1 September, 2015 • A UK inventor tests out a 54-propellor super drone called Swarm because its propellers make a noise resembling a swarm of bees.
Meet the Humanoid Robot Reducing Football Concussions
By RT Staff · 27 August, 2015 • Dartmouth football is using the autonomous Mobile Virtual Player during practice to reduce injuries and simulate realistic game scenarios.
Can These Swarming Drones Improve Disaster Response?
By Steve Crowe · 25 August, 2015 • Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on tiny drones that can be deployed inside of a building after a natural disaster to give first responders a look inside by mapping the environment and relaying information about air quality, temperature, radiation, etc.
MultiFab 3D Printer Simultaneously Prints 10 Materials
By RT Staff · 24 August, 2015 • MIT researchers have developed a new 3D printer, MultiFab, that can simultaneously print 10 different materials and combine them, along with other finished parts, into the design of a single object.
Transwheel Robots an Alternative to Amazon Delivery Drones
By RT Staff · 21 August, 2015 • Transwheel robots look like unicycles, using one self-balancing wheel and a robotic arm to pick up and carry packages. The electric robot could work alone to deliver small packages or in a group to deliver large packages.

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