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4 Game-Changing Drone Companies to Watch
By Michael Karp | Drone Business Marketer · 11 October, 2016 • A roundup of drone companies making giant technological leaps as we head towards 2017.
Olympics a No-Fly Zone for DJI Drones
By Steve Crowe · 4 August, 2016 • DJI has updated the software on its drones to apply temporary no-fly zones near Olympic venues in Rio, São Paulo and other locations where the games are taking place.
DJI Drone Arena Opens in Korea
By Steve Crowe · 1 August, 2016 • The DJI Arena will give drone enthusiasts of all skill levels a place to gather and fly. The DJI Arena will be equipped with safety nets, an adjustable LED-lit obstacle course, and a LCD TV for a first-person view from the drones.
Drone Delivers Ice Cream to UK Beachgoers
By Steve Crowe · 14 July, 2016 • An ice cream shop on a beach in Britain successfully tested a drone delivery system that uses a modified DJI Inspire drone and three GPS sensors to carry up to four ice creams to beachgoers.
Drone Registration No Drag as Sales Soar
By RT Staff · 25 May, 2016 • Drone sales have grown 224 percent year-over-year to nearly $200 million, according to The NPD Group. DJI continues to lead the way with a 49% share of the market.
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
By RT Staff · 1 March, 2016 • The DJI Phantom 4 drone is the easiest and safest drone to fly from DJI to date. DJI Phantom 4 drone uses computer vision to reconstruct a 3D model of its environment and intelligently navigate around obstacles.
DJI Phantom 4 Drone Comparison
By Steve Crowe · 1 March, 2016 • Here's a look at how the new DJI Phantom 4 drone compares to the Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 4K drones.
DJI Drone Insurance Available for Phantom, Inspire Models
By Steve Crowe · 22 February, 2016 • DJI now offers drone insurance. The DJI Care Protection Plan covers damage to Phantom and Inspire drones that were caused from operator error or other mishaps for up to a year.
Podcast: Talking Drone Safety with AirMap CEO Ben Marcus
By Steve Crowe · 20 November, 2015 • Ben Marcus, CEO and cofounder of AirMap joins the Robotics Trends Podcast to discuss how his company is working with leading drone manufacturers to help create the air traffic management system of the future.
3D Robotics, DJI Add Geofencing to Keep Drones Out of Restricted Airspace
By Steve Crowe · 17 November, 2015 • 3D Robotics and DJI, the two most popular consumer drone manufacturers, have partnered with AirMap to add real-time flight restrictions to their drones. The geofencing systems will prevent 3D Robotics and DJI drones from flying in restricted areas.
DJI Drone Store Opening in China
By Steve Crowe · 17 November, 2015 • DJI, the world's largest consumer drone manufacturer, will be opening a flagship retail store in Shenzhen, China in December. It will house all DJI products, and more stores are a possibility in the future.
Watch 2 Eagles Kidnap a DJI Phantom 3 Drone
By Steve Crowe · 13 November, 2015 • A new video shows two Eagles attacking a drone mid-air in Austria. The eagles take the drone down to the ground to an area that appears to be a nest.
Walmart Turns to DJI for Drone Delivery
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • Walmart has reached out to the FAA for permission to test drones for home delivery. If approved, the big-box retailer will use DJI drones to deliver products to customers at Walmart facilities and in small residential neighborhoods.
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Camera Drone Simplifies Aerial Videography
By Steve Crowe · 5 August, 2015 • DJI introduced the Phantom 3 Standard camera drone, an entry-level quadcopter aimed at enthusiasts just getting started piloting and capturing video with a drone. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard comes with a built-in HD video camera that can capture 2.7k HD video at 30fps with a 94-degree lens.
DJI Inspire 1 Drones Fighting Slave Labor in Brazil
By Steve Crowe · 28 July, 2015 • Brazil's Labour Ministry will use six DJI 1 Inspire drones to monitor suspicious activities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil defines slave labor as work carried out in degrading conditions or in conditions that pose a risk to the worker's life.

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