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10 Drones You Don’t Need to Register
By Steve Crowe · 10 November, 2015 • For the anti-registration folks out there, we've compiled some of the top nano-sized drones you can buy today and won't have to register.
Ireland’s Drone Registration System Going Live Before Christmas
By Steve Crowe · 9 November, 2015 • The Irish Aviation Authority said its drone registration system will be live by Dec. 21, 2015, requiring all drones weighing more than 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) to be registered. A related app will tell licensed users where they can and can't fly their drone.
GoPro Drone Captures First Video
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • GoPro posts the first video shot with its prototype quadcopter and stabilization system. A GoPro drone is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2016.
Watch: Drone Fights off Swarm of Bees
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • A drone hobbyist in South Africa captures some rare footage of a swarm of bees attacking his quadcopter.
6 Questions About an Alleged Drone, Plane Collision in Costa Rica
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 6 November, 2015 • A drone and 1960s Cessna 172 allegedly collided in Costa Rica on Thursday 400 meters in the air. No one was hurt. It is alleged the small plane hit the drone with its right wing strut.
Watch: MIT Drone Autonomously Avoids Obstacles at 30 MPH
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • MIT PhD student Andrew Barry has created an obstacle-detection system that allows a drone to autonomously avoid obstacles while flying 30 miles per hour. The software runs 20 times faster than current solutions and maps the drone's environment in real time.
Walmart Turns to DJI for Drone Delivery
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • Walmart has reached out to the FAA for permission to test drones for home delivery. If approved, the big-box retailer will use DJI drones to deliver products to customers at Walmart facilities and in small residential neighborhoods.
Report: Task Force to Propose Free Registration for All Drones Over 9 Ounces
By Steve Crowe · 6 November, 2015 • According to a report, the 25-member task force will propose drone registration be free, simple, and required on all drones that weigh 9 ounces or more. Users will also have to attach a "legible" registration number to their drone.
FAA to Drone Registration Task Force: ‘Think Big, and Think Outside the Box’
By Steve Crowe · 4 November, 2015 • The drone registration task force is meeting for three days to start developing recommendations for the FAA's mandatory drone registration system. The FAA has asked the task force to "think big, and think outside the box."
Don’t Drink & Drone
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 4 November, 2015 • Recreational and commercial flyers can't operate a drone while under the influence. Here's everything you need to know about one of the lesser known regulations regarding drones.
Google Delivery Drones Will be “Up and Running in 2017”
By Steve Crowe · 3 November, 2015 • Google says it's in discussions with the FAA to build an air traffic control system to monitor and coordinate drone flights under 500 feet. Google says it's Project Wing delivery drones will be "up and running in 2017."
Meet Your Drone Registration Task Force
By Steve Crowe · 29 October, 2015 • The FAA has released the names of the 25 members who make up the task force that will make recommendations for the proposed drone registration rules.
Drone Crash Causes 3-Hour Blackout in Hollywood
By Steve Crowe · 28 October, 2015 • A man knocked down a powerline in West Hollywood, Calif. that caused a three-hour blackout. The drone was reportedly following a car for a reality show before hitting the powerline.
Tests Show Drone Strikes Could Cause Jet Engine Failure
By Steve Crowe · 28 October, 2015 • Computer-simulated tests at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering showed an 8-pound drone would rip apart the fan blades of a a 9-foot diameter turbofan engine during take-off in less than 1/200th of a second, potentially leading to catastrophic engine failure.
Check Out Kansas State’s Batting Cage for Outdoor Drone Tests
By Steve Crowe · 27 October, 2015 • Kansas State University started a drone program in 2008, however, the campus is within five miles of an airport, so under Federal Aviation Administration rules the college is prohibited from flying its drones outdoors on campus - its test flights have occurred off-site. But the Wildcats have come up with a unique solution to testing drones outdoors on campus while maintaining safety

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