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Watch: Drone Footage Shows Flow of Migrants in Slovenia
By Steve Crowe · 26 October, 2015 • Aerial footage shot near the border with Croatia shows hundreds of migrants crossing Slovenian farmland on foot.
Watch Cuba’s First Approved Drone Flight
By Steve Crowe · 22 October, 2015 • For the first time, the Cuban government allowed a drone to fly around and film hotels and attractions. The government granted that permission to a group of Cuban DIYers who built their own drone. The footage will be used to help promote Cuba's growing tourism industry.
Podcast: Doubt Surrounds Drone Registration
By Steve Crowe · 20 October, 2015 • We chat with Jonathan Rupprecht, a leading drone and aviation lawyer, about the impending drone registration and the implications for hobbyists.
11 Problems with Drone Registration
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 19 October, 2015 • The US government will soon require tech enthusiasts to register their drones with the Department of Transportation to crack down on reckless flying. The goal is to have the program in place by Christmas 2015, but there are many obstacles in the way.
Drone Crashes Near White House: Here We Go Again
By Steve Crowe · 9 October, 2015 • A F182 6 Axis Quadcopter crashed near the White House South Lawn Friday morning, marking the third drone to crash near the building in 2015. Drones are banned in Washington, D.C. due to security concerns about flying near federal buildings, people and planes.
2 Easy Ways the FAA Can Promote Drone Safety
By Jonathan Rupprecht · 9 October, 2015 • The FAA's message on drone safety has been inconsistent over the years. Here are two quick things it could do to properly promote drone safety.
Watch: Singapore Tests Drone Delivery
By Steve Crowe · 9 October, 2015 • Singapore Post, the country‚Äôs national postage company, recently successfully tested drone delivery by carrying a T-shirt and a letter 2.3 kilometers. The delivery took five minutes in a remote part of the country, between Lorong Halus and Pulau Ubin, and a postman received the goods after the drone safely landed.
Drone Footage Captures World’s Worst Traffic Jam in China
By Steve Crowe · 8 October, 2015 • Drone footage of a congested highway in China reveals what happens when several hundred million people return from a week-long national holiday at the same time.
Chris Anderson’s Plan to Save the Drone Industry
By Steve Crowe · 16 September, 2015 • Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, says drones can be smarter, thanks to the cloud, and can self-regulate the skies.
First UK Drone Conviction Ends with Ban, Fine
By RT Staff · 15 September, 2015 • Judge says Nigel Wilson, 42, put the public at risk when he flew surveillance craft over Premier League stadiums and near Buckingham Palace. Wilson becomes the first person convicted of "drone offences" in the UK in landmark case.
Student Crashes Drone into Kentucky Stadium
By RT Staff · 11 September, 2015 • A 24-year-old University of Kentucky student has been charged with wanton endangerment second degree after crashing his drone into the glass on the new suite level on the stadium's south side. Several fans stood just below the crash site, but no one was injured.
Proposed Calif. Drone Law Shot Down
By Steve Crowe · 10 September, 2015 • Senate Bill 142, which would have limited the use of drones from flying less than 350 feet above private property without the owner's express consent, is vetoed by California Governor Jerry Brown. "Drone technology certainly raises novel issues that merit careful examination," says California Governor Jerry Brown in his veto message. "This bill, however, while well-intentioned, could expose the occasional hobbyist and the FAA-approved commercial user alike to burdensome litigation and new causes of action."
Drone Films Migrants on Train Tracks Near Hungary Border
By Steve Crowe · 9 September, 2015 • Migrant refugees from the Middle East continue to enter Hungary despite a barbed wire fence along the border. Drone footage from the Associated Press shows crowds walking along train tracks near the border.
Chris Anderson: Drone “Jackassery” Must Stop
By Steve Crowe · 8 September, 2015 • Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, says the recent rise in reckless drone flying is "bad and it's going to get worse. And if we don't do something about it, no one's been killed yet, but someone's going to do something really stupid."
Teacher Arrested After U.S. Open Drone Crash
By RT Staff · 4 September, 2015 • A drone buzzed over Louis Armstrong Stadium on Thursday during the U.S. Open, crashing into the seats. Officials said nobody was injured.

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