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Will Self-Driving Taxis Help the Poor?
By Brad Templeton · 12 April, 2016 • Self-driving taxis will offer many conveniences, but how can the industry make sure there aren't too many challenges that prevent poor people from reaping the benefits? Brad Templeton explores this issue.
How Will Self-Driving Cars Handle Tsunamis?
By Brad Templeton · 5 April, 2016 • Self-driving cars are constantly being put to the test. Brad Templeton explains why self-driving cars should do a "superhuman job" when a tsunami hits.
3 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change Transportation
By Trisha Miller · 5 April, 2016 • Self-driving cars can undoubtedly change the transportation industry, but only if humans can let go of any dependence on personal automobiles.
Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Comes with Autopilot
By Steve Crowe · 1 April, 2016 • The hardware and safety features of Tesla Autopilot come standard in Tesla's new Model 3 electric car, but "convenience features" such as self-parking and automatic lane changing, will cost owners extra.
Crappy US Roads Major Roadblock for Self-Driving Cars
By Steve Crowe · 1 April, 2016 • Poor lane markings and uneven signage on the three million miles of paved roads in the United States are becoming a serious problem for the development of self-driving cars.’s Quest to Build Self-Driving Cars Better than Google
By Brad Templeton · 29 March, 2016 • Brad Templeton takes us inside's quest to build a self-driving almost entirely from deep neural networks that learns from the humans driving it.
Self-Driving Cars a Boon for Personal Transportation
By Brad Templeton · 22 March, 2016 • The one-person self-driving taxi is a very practical vehicle, says analyst Brad Templeton, and it’s possible to make it much cheaper than today’s cars.
Will Robotic Car Sharing Become the Ultimate Driving Method?
By Steve Crowe · 15 March, 2016 • A new study from ABI Research says by 2030 400 million people will rely on robotic car sharing, which will become the ultimate form of transportation."
Watch Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit a Bus
By Steve Crowe · 9 March, 2016 • Surveillance video has been released that shows the Valentine's Day accident between a Google self-driving car and California public transit bus.

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