Today on Robotics Trends

MIT Maps Human Movement to Improve Assistive Robots

The project aims to improve assistive devices that can help maintain or correct the gait of people recovering from strokes.
Future Tech

Transparency from Self-Driving Car Makers a Major Hurdle

Brian Soublet, deputy director of the California DMV, offered some insight into the challenges of regulating self-driving cars.
Robot Fun

Drone Crashes Near White House: Here We Go Again

This marks the third drone that has crashed near the White House in 2015.
Robot Fun

2 Easy Ways the FAA Can Promote Drone Safety

The FAA's message on drone safety has been inconsistent over the years. Here are two quick things it could do to properly promote drone safety.

Spotlight on 3D Printing

Frozen, Iron Man, Star Wars 3D-Printed Hands Coming from Open Bionics

These robotic hands are intended to stand out and allow the children to proudly wear their prosthesis. Kudos to Open Bionics.
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Latest in 3D Printing

Makerarm Robot Arm a One-stop Shop for Your Making Needs

Makerarm features interchangeable heads for countless applications such as 3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics assembly and more. That way you can make more, for less.

Is This America’s Tallest 3D-Printed Object?

Branch Technology has built an 18-foot-tall structure that was 3D printed in segments. The startup is claiming this is the tallest 3D-printed object in America.

MIT 3D Printed Soft Robot Hand Adapts to Objects

One downside to the extra flexibility of soft robots is they often have difficulty accurately measuring where an object is, or even if they have successfully picked it up. MIT has found a way to change all that.

Meet Cannybots: 3D Printable Robot Cars Blowing Up on Kickstarter

Cannybots are 3D printable, open source Bluetooth-enabled cars that can be controlled using tablets, smartphones, and a Raspberry Pi.
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