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Industry and Manufacturing
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Adept Technology Intros New Robotic Platform for Primary Packaging Solutions
The Adept Packaging Automation Cell (PAC) platform targets the next generation of high-speed primary packaging of products, such as poultry and meat using a USDA-accepted parallel linked robot.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Sep 29, 2010

The Adept Packaging Automation Cell (PAC) platform is aimed at the food industry.

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Adept Technology, which provides intelligent vision-guided robotics and autonomous mobile robotics solutions, will unveil its new packaging platform for the food industry at the Pack Expo 2010 event in Chicago, October 31 to November 3, 2010.

The Adept Packaging Automation Cell (PAC) is a platform targeted to next-generation, high-speed primary packaging applications that require flexible and sanitary processing. The packaging cell is built with a rigid stainless steel frame for wash-down capabilities and is integrated with products from Adept, such as the USDA-accepted robot, ultra-compact motion and vision controllers, touch-screen operator interface, and predefined programming recipes for conveyor tracking and vision guidance.

The platform can be quickly deployed, according to Adept, which benefits end-users by reducing the total cost of ownership and aids integrators through faster project turns. Adept’s partners and integrators add value by optimizing the solution to deliver high-throughput applications rather than focusing on robotic cell fundamentals such as sanitary frame layout and design. The platform’s software helps customers to build specific applications without the need of complex and lengthy programming.

 “Adept PAC was developed through the knowledge and domain expertise gained in the process of obtaining USDA-acceptance for our Quattro s650HS,” says Rush LaSelle, director of sales and marketing for Adept Technology Inc.

The Adept packaging bundle will address some of the long-standing challenges associated with flexible automation, such as deployment time and integration cost. “By bundling numerous building blocks such as vision, easily navigated operator interfaces, and a thoughtfully designed frame into a well-defined package, the Adept PAC stands to reduce delivery, integration, and overall deployment times,” adds LaSele.

The Adept PAC is built on the USDA-accepted Adept Quattro s650HS robot. It was designed from the ground up to address the hygienic requirements of meat and poultry packaging.

The Adept PAC will be displayed in booth N-4313 at McCormick Place Convention Center at the Pack Expo 2010 event from October 31 to November 3. For information on the show and how to get a complimentary pass to the four day event, please visit

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