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Industry and Manufacturing
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Adept Technology Selected for Automation and Robotics for Solar Equipment Manufacturer
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Mar 20, 2008
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SLS Solar Line Saxony GmbH, a major German solar cell production equipment manufacturer, has incorporated Adept motion control, vision and Quattro robotic systems into standard products for solar cell production.

Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADEP), the leading provider of intelligent automation software for motion and vision-guided robotics systems and services, announced that its automation software, robotics and system products have been selected by SLS Solar Line Saxony (“SLS”) as standard products for their automation equipment for solar cell production. SLS was established as a joint venture between Roth & Rau AG (Hohenstein-Ernstthal) Germany and USK Karl Utz Sondermaschinen (Limbach Oberfrohna) Germany to accelerate the production of standard technology products for the manufacturer of solar cells.

Adept’s automation products which include its motion control and machine vision software as well as its Quattro robotic systems will enable SLS to standardize development and delivery of its solar production products and will be a crucial part of the assembly line for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon cells. These assembly lines will be shipped worldwide by Roth & Rau AG, a market leader in turnkey systems.

“We compared a variety of robot solutions and vetted them to our needs in the solar industry. We chose Adept and the Quattro robotic, as it enables our systems to achieve unprecedented performance,” said Karsten Barth, CEO of the newly founded SLS GmbH.

“It is clear from the overwhelming acceptance we’ve seen for the Adept Quattro robots that our close work with our clients during the product design phase and subsequent integration was right on track,” said John Dulchinos, president of Adept Technology, Inc. “The speed and reach advantages of the four arm Quattro design are obvious. The demand for the latest technology using vision guidance for fast, precise motion is key for manufacturers of solar wafers and solar cells, as they adopt new manufacturing equipment to maximize production throughput. This in turn allows our clients to also reduce costs of the photovoltaic components, increasing their competitiveness in the Solar market place. The Adept Quattro s650 robot is leading the way in the manufacturing of cost-effective solar cells and panels for the expanding global solar market place.”

The Adept Quattro s650 robot, first introduced by Adept in 2007, using a unique four arm Parallel kinematic offers major advantages over the traditional three arm Delta style kinematic. As is the case with most other robots from Adept, the amplifiers are in the base of the robots. Since the official launch of the Adept Quattro, over 200 systems have been sold.

About Adept Technology, Inc.
Adept is a global, leading provider of intelligent automation software for motion and vision-guided robotics systems and services that enable customers to achieve precision, speed, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling, packaging, testing and other automated processes. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance motion controllers, application development software, vision-guidance technology and high-reliability robot mechanisms, Adept provides specialized, cost-effective robotics systems and services to high-growth markets including Packaged Goods, Life Sciences, Disk Drive/Electronics and Semiconductor/Solar; as well as to traditional industrial markets including machine tool automation and automotive components. More information is available at

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Press and Industry Analysts:
Adept Technology, Inc.
Lauren Bucher
P:  925-245-3400

Financial Analysts:
Lisa Cummins
Chief Financial Officer
P:  925-245-3413

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