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Industry and Manufacturing
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Cimcorp Launches New MultiPick Robotic Gantry System
Automated order picking increases productivity, traceability, and reduces waste, claims the company.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Oct 26, 2010

Cimcorp’s MultiPick order-picking system is designed for perishable food applications.

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Cimcorp, a provider of automated bakery order fulfillment, has launched its MultiPick Robotic Gantry system. The company developed the picking solution to meet the need for fast order fulfillment with reduced costs, greater capacity, 100 percent accuracy, and improved traceability and logistics in perishable food applications.

The MultiPick combines buffer storage and order fulfillment in one automated system. Fresh inventory is stored in stackable baskets—with each stack comprising a single SKU—in the buffer storage area available for automated picking. One or more MultiPick robots can pick any number of baskets from a stack at a time in the correct order for the dispatch schedule. Orders are loaded into delivery vehicles in a drop sequence designed to save time and energy. At the end of a shift, MultiPick can also automatically empty the entire picking area for faster cleaning.

The Cimcorp system helps solve the labor challenges associated with unsocial bakery hours and dull, repetitive tasks. MultiPick also helps bakeries reduce overall labor costs by increasing productivity and reducing worker compensation claims.

The MultiPick is a flexible solution with “a user friendly interface and software that can easily be reprogrammed to add more SKUs, enabling bakeries to cost-effectively scale their operations to meet daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal order fluctuations,” according to a Cimcorp press statement.

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