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Industry and Manufacturing
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DENSO Introduces New Version of WINCAPS III
The software lets engineers program robots offline and allows real-time remote monitoring of work-cell operations.
By Robotics Trends News Sources - Filed Jun 29, 2011

Screenshot of WINCAPS III. Credit: DENSO

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Japan-based DENSO Corporation, a global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems, and components, announced an updated version of its WINCAPS III offline programming software. The company says the software saves development time by allowing a robot to be programmed on an offline computer. The software also enables remote monitoring of work-cell operations via real-time I/O status indicators and detailed control logs, a statement from the company received by Robotics Trends noted.

Among WINCAPS III features is its 3-D simulation package, which allows users to lay out an entire automation work cell in a virtual environment. The new version employs more of the robot’s native command language, speeding up the process. The company says the feature gives a more accurate cycle-time representation, while allowing users to record the simulation session and save it as an AVI file for later reference.

Another feature called Easy Teach lets users move the robot to a particular point by simply clicking on the surface of the virtual model. The software also now takes into account the arm parameters, resulting in a more accurate model of the robot’s actual performance. 


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