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Industry and Manufacturing
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iPhone 6 Will be Made by Foxconn Robots
10,000 robots will work alongside humans to keep up with demand for Apple's iPhone 6, which is due out in Sept. 2014.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 14, 2014

A human factory worker in China, where iPhones are now being made partly by robots.

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Folks eagerly awaiting the availability of the iPhone 6 in Sept. 2014 might not spend much time thinking about who made it and how. But for those of us interested in more than snapping selfies, robots will be making the iPhone 6 a reality.

The Fiscal Times reports that "Foxconn parent company Hon Hai Precision Industry is set to deploy an army of 10,000 assembly-line robots to help meet the demands of producing the highly anticipated iPhone 6. Hon Hai CEO Terry Gou revealed in a recent shareholder meeting that Apple would be the very first customer of Foxconn’s latest robots."

Robots, of course, won't be the only ones involved in making the iPhone 6. Consumer demand is providing employment for humans in China as well, according to the Daily Mail, which reports Hon Hai will recruit more than 100,000 people in China to produce the newest iPhone from Apple. This could be the firm's largest single hiring spree in China.

"iPhone maker Foxconn has pledged to have a million robot workers by the end of the year - and Terry Gou has revealed the robots, dubbed Foxbots, are in the final stages of testing."

In a 2013 financial report, Hon Hai Precision said, "To remain cost competitive, we have been continuously controlling manufacturing overhead to attain better operating leverage and improving efficiency and yield rate through automation using robot arms and industrial engineering methods like production cell management."

A Chinese website is reporting that it is rumored the iPhone 6 will allow its users to feel something when touching the screen.

CNet says: "The next killer feature ... could be a display that provides tactile feedback to users - giving users the impression, for instances, of a physical keyboard on a flat touchscreen.

"This latest iPhone 6 rumor stems from...Chinese site Laoyaoba, which said so-called haptics technology will be added into the new device.

"Haptics technology is built into devices to create tactile feedback or vibrations so a user feels something when touching the screen of a mobile device. For instance, someone could feel the sensation of of clicking a button or moving an object around the screen when using the technology."



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