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Polaris Expands Robotic Pool Cleaning Line
Added intelligence and four-wheel-drive enhance pool cleaner action and maneuverability
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Apr 20, 2012

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SAN DIEGO, CA—Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. is introducing two new models, the Polaris 9400 Sport and Polaris 9100 Sport, to its Polaris advanced Sport Robotic pool cleaner line for the 2012 pool season. The two new models complement the company's popular Polaris 9300 Sport and 9300xi Sport models, and share the platform's patented Vortex Vacuum technology.

The two new models represent an economical robot in the 9100 Sport and a top-of-the-line 9400 Sportrobot that adds ActivMotion Sensor intelligence technology. Both cleaners capture more than four times the debris of other cleaners and cost just pennies a day to operate, reducing energy consumption up to 90 percent. The award-winning and sleek Sport Robotic line of cleaners is designed after the look of high-styled sports cars.

The ActivMotion Sensor in the 9400 uses an accelerometer, much like those used in electronic stability control systems in cars, or in smart phone and tablet devices to align the screen vertically or horizontally depending on the angle in which the device is held; the accelerometer automatically senses cleaner position. It measures force to determine 3-dimensional position, such as deep, shallow, horizontal orvertical, and adapts the pool cleaner for maximum cleaning action. The technology also reduces cordtangling and optimizes the pool cleaning path, even vacuuming in reverse down pool walls, resulting in20 percent faster cleaning.

According to Kevin Braidic, Zodiac's director of product development, the Polaris 9400 Sport is the mostadvanced cleaner on the market. "The 9400 Sport continually senses where it is in the pool, optimizingthe operation and cleaning action. Pre-programmed cleaning cycles allow consumers to choose between floor-only cleaning or floor, wall and waterline cleaning, a necessary chore that many pool owners just don't want to do manually. And when out of the water, it shuts itself down, making it very safe," says Braidic. "Our innovation team used the newest technology available, making cleaning the pool so easy and energy-efficient that it is no longer any deterrent to owning a pool."

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