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Press Release: Intellibot Announces New, Smaller Hands-Free Cleaning℠ Machine
New operating system makes it possible to clean twice as much for less
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Oct 30, 2013

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PORTLAND, OR  - OCT 29, 2013 -- Intellibot Robotics LLC (“Intellibot”) is pleased to make three major announcements: 1) the introduction of the Hydro 17machine, 2) a new Hands-Free Cleaning Operating System, and 3) the Intelli-Trak remote monitoring system. Intellibot is the sole U.S. manufacturer of Hands-Free (robotic) commercial floor cleaners.

“We are very excited about our three new technological advances,” said Erick Frack, President. “We have a new Hands-Free scrubber called Hydro 17 which is a smaller version of the HydroBot – a scrubber for hard surfaces.” Frack noted that the new scrubber has a 17” cleaning swath so is perfect for cleaning floors in smaller areas – aisles and hallways – in buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels, and retail stores.

“We are also announcing our new Hands-Free Cleaning operating system,” Frack continued. “This new system means you can quickly switch from manual to Hands-Free operation at the touch of a button, and simply walk away.” Frack noted that the new system allows for:

  • true multi-tasking – one person can accomplish twice the work
  • better cleaning – the machines consistently clean the same area, at the same speed, with the same overlapping coverage, every time, every day
  • reduced cost – double, triple or quadruple productivity without increasing labor, which means cost per square foot is dramatically reduced

“Finally, we have a new remote monitoring software system called Intelli-Trak which provides real-time reports noting who ran the machine, time it ran, areas cleaned, duration, and any problems,” added Frack.  He noted that Intelli-Trak monitoring allows for remote diagnostics and repairs that reduce down time and service fees.

The new Hands-Free Cleaning machine and new Operating System advancements will be on display at the upcoming ISSA trade show in Las Vegas, Nov. 19-21.

About Intellibot Robotics

Intellibot Robotics is the sole U.S. manufacturer of Hands-Free Cleaning commercial floor cleaners.  A privately held company, Intellibot maintains engineering and manufacturing operations in Richmond, VA; a corporate office in Portland, OR; and sales and service teams throughout the U.S. With more than 20 years of robotics research and development, Intellibot has emerged as an industry leader featuring a full line of technologically advanced Hands-Free Cleaning solutions. For more information, please visit

Intellibot’s new Hydro 17 a smaller version of the HydroBot — is a Hands-Free Cleaning scrubber for hard surfaces. The new machine is ideal for hallways and aisles in locations such as schools, hospitals, grocery stores and hotels. The Hydro 17 will be available for distribution in Q3 2014.


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