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Industry and Manufacturing
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RoboBusiness 2012: Countdown to Pittsburgh
Rodney Brooks & Rethink Robotics to highlight new robot paradigm
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Aug 28, 2012

RoboBusiness 2012

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RoboBusiness 2012 is only 7 weeks away. Save your seat today…and save up to $600!


"Rethink's goal is simple: that its cheap, easy-to-use, safe robot will be to industrial robots what the personal computer was to the mainframe computer or the iPhone was to the traditional phone."
—Thomas L. Friedman Get ready for the personal robot revolution

Save Big By Being Early. Save $600 35% savings—if you register before August 31st. Don’t delay.

RoboBusiness 2012 is the most intensive, rewarding and opportunity-expanding three days you’ll ever spend in the robotics industry. Missing it is like missing out on the future. RoboBusiness 2012 is the robotics industry's only event designed exclusively for leaders like yourself. You will have the opportunity to connect with your peers, share ideas on how they drive growth in their companies and hear from an extraordinary list of speakers about where robotics is going, what we’ll find when we get there…and how to take full advantage of the best of the emerging opportunities. Partial agenda: Remaking Manufacturing with Robotics

  • International Symposium on Robotics and Quality of Life
  • The Robotics Industry Today and Tomorrow
  • State of the Robotics Industry - Investment Trends
  • State of Field Robotics and Agriculture
  • How to Get Your (Robotic) Head in the Clouds
  • Open Platform Robotics: Transforming the Robotics Industry Forever
  • Robotics Workforce Development
  • Robots in the Workplace
  • Quality of Life Technology
  • Industrial Robot Solutions for Warehousing and Distribution Operations
  • From Prototypes to Sales

RoboBusiness is the one meeting that annually sets the benchmarks in the business and technology of robotics and is focused squarely at the intersection of robotics, business and the future of automation. Three days of over thirty-five hours of intensive, insightful meetings chock-full of critically relevant, cutting-edge lessons, learning and how-tos from every part of the industry. It's a culmination of ideas, presentations, and incredible networking offering actionable ideas to take back to your company. RoboBusiness 2012 is a break-away robotics business and technology conference unlike any other, where industry drivers, thought leaders, technologists, investors and business specialist convene to distill what's happening across industry segments and where the best advantages are emerging.

Get ahead of the curve for 2013! Register today and save over 35%

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