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Industry and Manufacturing
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ROS Industrial Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary
A global network of powerful partners makes this birthday one worth celebrating
By RoboticsTrends' News Sources - Filed May 13, 2013

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ROS Industrial (ROS-I), the open source project designed to promote a common framework for robot programming in industrial environments, is celebrating its 1-year anniversary.

Back in September 2011, Robotiq CEO, Samuel Bouchard, was happily surprised at the collaboration between Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), a private R&D organization based in San Antonio, Texas, and Motoman, one of the largest industrial robot makers in the world, to develop a ROS interface for the Motoman SIA20 7-axis robot.

"This could be the beginning of something big," Bouchard wrote. "If more industrial robotics companies adopt ROS, this could enable a lot of technology transfer from the research world to real-world applications."

Bouchard was right. In a single year, ROS-I has generated a powerful following among independent manufacturers, with a focus on legal standardization in addition to standard interfaces and interchangability.

In addition, ROS-I went global. The ROS-Industrial Consortium is now an international network of automation R&D organizations with a European center located at the famed Fraunhofer IPA in Germany. 

 Check out the video below to glimpse how some of robotics' biggest manufacturers have contributed their hardware to the open source cause.

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