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Industry and Manufacturing
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Trimble Launches Robotic Surveying Station for Construction Industry
The system eliminates the need for manual sighting of field points to be measured
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Nov 19, 2012

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Most construction jobs are repetitious, labor-intensive and dangerous - perfectly suited for robot automation. Robots have the speed, dexterity and power necessary to transform construction. From laying brick to handling delicate windows and insulation, they have the potential to become a valued part of future construction.

Trimble, a provider of advanced positioning solutions, has launched a robotic total station for the construction industry. The company introduced the latest hardware and software for its Trimble Field Link for MEP and Trimble Field Link for Structures construction layout solutions.

The Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations help contractors perform layout tasks significantly more efficiently than with conventional mechanical systems for residential and building construction. Designed specifically for concrete, MEP and general construction contractors, the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations offer construction-specific functionality and one-person operation, so you can perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Trimble Field Link for MEP links design to reality providing users with access to the latest tools for increasing productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process. With emphasis placed on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Trimble Field Link for Structures is the ideal solution for enhancing field operations for BIM workflow.

Field Link for Structures is the ideal solution for enhancing field operations for BIM workflow. Trimble Field Link for Structures incorporates the Trimble VISION technology. The VISION technology gives field crews the opportunity to remotely control as well as see and measure through a live video feed from the new Trimble RTS 773 instrument on their Trimble Tablet within the Trimble Field Link software to easily locate and stake field points and overlay 2D line-work imported from CAD files onto the live imagery from the robotic total station, taking the guesswork out of point lay out and as built reporting.

Incorporating an auto-focus green laser that replaces the eyepiece, the new Trimble RTS873 Robotic Total Station allows building construction contractors the ability to more easily collect and layout field points using robotic interaction. The auto-focus green laser pointer provides enhanced visibility and more accurate positioning when using Visual Layout with Trimble Field Link for MEP to layout overhead hangers or collecting as-built locations in bright daylight conditions. The unique ability of the RTS873 to focus the green laser at the defined measurement distance minimizes the "laser spread" commonly seen with current total station designs.

In addition to the new total station, the solutions include the new Trimble Field Tablet with multitouch gesture control that provides a fluid, touch-based interface to 3D models and common layout routines within the Trimble Field Link version 2.0.0 software.

By interacting directly with the Trimble VISION live video feed on the Trimble Field Tablet, contractors can remotely view and measure field points within the Trimble Field Link software. This allows contractors to move away from the total station, eliminating the need for manual sighting of points to be measured.


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