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ams AG AS5048-High Resolution Angle Sensing

Game Changer Winner: Best Motion Control

Available with either a SPI or I2C interface, depending upon the device version, the AS5048 can supply high accuracy, low latency angle measurements directly to a co-located host microcontroller. The AS5048 also supports a PWM output for remote applications where the microcontroller is not co-located with the sensor IC. In addition, multiple devices can be daisy-chained together to produce a serial data read-out, hence reducing wire material and assembly costs, and overall robot weight. At the core of the AS5048 is a highly sensitive Hall element array and a 14-bit measurement engine.

These two key components enable the device to provide resolution down to 0.0219°. And with linearization and averaging implemented in a host microcontroller, the AS5048 based solution can deliver angle measurements accurate to 0.05°, thus enabling smooth robot joint motor control and limb movement.

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