5 Best Robot Toys for Kids

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Although science fiction “promised” us robotic characters like Johnny 5 or C-3P0 by now, we only have robots that lack character and have more of a mechanical, job-oriented “demeanor.” Personally, I really like this type of “unfriendly” robot, but 10-year-old Jeremy might be disappointed to learn that I still don’t have any robotic friends or servants, unless you count the dishwasher.

The little Cozmo robot from Anki aims to change this, with both an impressive array of hardware, including a computer vision system, and an emotion engine that gives it quite the personality. Although it almost seems a shame to change this, if you want to “get into the weeds,” they are working on a software development kit for Cozmo that will be available in October. It’s a pretty unbelievable piece of robotics for $160!

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