5 Crowdfunding Drone Projects That Failed

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Dragonfly Drone

Raised: $1,140,975
Backers: 3,203
Shut Down: Late 2015

Billed as "the next generation in micro-flying robots," and with a temptingly-low price of $99, the bio-inspired Dragonfly was one of crowdfunding's biggest early success stories when it raised more than 1,000 times its target on Indiegogo in 2012.

Part "spy drone," part security device, part toy, and wholly "indistinguishable from an insect in the environment," the Dragonfly was said to be capable of flying like a bird and hovering like an insect.

Unfortunately, technical issues – some reports suggested the team failed to even fully develop the promised technology – meant Dragonfly never really got off the ground, and the project was finally closed in late 2015.

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