6 Robots to Support on Indiegogo, Kickstarter

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Compressorhead All-Robot Band

Compressorhead is an all-robot metal band, consisting of 5-foot-tall humanoid robots, that has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $318,445 to fund the development of a vocalist robot and the band’s debut album.

Compressorhead’s band members are built out of scrap metal and controlled by electro pneumatics. The band members include Stickboy on drums, Bones on bass, and Fingers on the guitar. Fingers even seems to have the headbanging action down pat. They’re also currently working on a robot for lead vocals.

Their debut album will contain 14 songs that were exclusively composed to be performed by Compressorhead. John Wright, of NoMeansNo & The Hanson Brothers, wrote the songs and will be the voice of the lead vocalist robot. No human drummer can play single hand rolls like Stickboy can. No human guitarist can play multiple riffs at the same time.

Building and programming the robots takes time and money, so does producing an album. This is why Compressorhead needs our help.

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