Top 6 Educational Robots Coming in 2017

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Hanson Robotics Professor Einstein

Ages: 13+
Price: $299
Shipping: April 2017

Professor Einstein is a scaled-down version of Hanson Robotics' human-size Einstein HUBO robot. Professor Einstein is a 14.5-inch-tall, Wi-Fi-connected edutainment robot that walks, talks, and acts as your friend and personal science tutor.

Professor Einstein won't necessarily teach kids about coding, but it uses the Stein-O-Matic app for tablets (Android/iPad) to teach science lessons and play learning games. When you place the tablet next to Professor Einstein, he will guide you through the interactive lessons, which include daily mental kick starts, space travel, time travel and more. It can communicate with you in both online and offline modes.

It's voice is a little rough, but the robot is quite engaging. For example, when asking about the weather, Professor Einstein will explain how you can tell the current temperature by counting the number of cricket chirps.

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