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How Amazon Drone Delivery Will Work
Amazon has been awarded a patent that outlines its plan for drone delivery. The drones will be able to communicate with each other, find the best flight path available, and update the delivery location as a customer changes location.
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CyPhy Works Kickstarts Tilt-Free LVL 1 Drone
The LVL 1 Drone from CyPhy Works has six rotors that are all slightly angled to help it maneuver without tilting forward or sideways and stabilize aerial photography and video.
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Real Life Grand Theft Auto 2 Created Using Drones
A group of filmmakers and gamers recreated Grand Theft Auto 2 in real life using a drone, camera, "gang members" and a bunch of cars. Watch the recreation.
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Meet Popedrone: The Most Sacred Drone of All
Students gave Pope Francis a drone custom painted in the colors of the Vatican flag that bears the papal emblem. So what will the Pope do with his new toy?
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Nepal Earthquake: Drones Helping Recovery Efforts
Drones are capturing aerial images of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal. The imagery will be processed into 3D models of the terrain below to give responders more detailed information about the destruction than traditional 2D maps.
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Drones Hunting for Dinosaurs in Australia
Drones are capturing footage of dinosaur footprints left over 100 million years ago in Australia to help explain their movements.
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6 Robot Deals You’ll Love
Here are some hot deals on drones and toy robots that are too good to pass up.
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A Drone’s Eye View of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
For the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, CNN used a drone to capture video of the memorial that stands on the site today.
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How Amazon Drones Can Deliver Your Packages for $1
If the FAA gives Amazon clearance for commercial rollout of its drone delivery service, Prime Air could deliver a five-pound package for $1 in 30 minutes. Here's how.
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Watch a Chimp Smash a Drone with a Stick
A 23-year-old chimpanzee is not pleased when a drone flies in for a close-up, swatting the $2,100 drone out of the sky with a branch.
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3D Robotics Solo Drone Gives You Creative Control
3D Robotics' Solo Smart Drone tries to lessen the learning curve with shooting aerial footage.
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Amazon Drone Delivery OK’d for US Testing
The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Amazon permission to test its new UAVs for drone delivery in the US. Amazon must fly the drones under 400 feet and at speeds that don't exceed 100 miles per hour.
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Watch a Drone Crash & Burn Delivering Asparagus
A restaurant owner tries to deliver asparagus using a drone. But shortly after takeoff, the drone crashed and burned, reminding us all that drone delivery isn't yet ready for prime time.
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Can Drones Plant 1 Billion Trees Per Year?
BioCarbon Engineering is using drones to counter industrial scale deforestation by planting 1 billion trees per year. The drones use detailed terrain data to build high resolution 3D maps of the areas to be reforested.
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Watch a Carlsberg Drone Deliver 12 Packs
A 12-pack delivered to your house by drone in 30 minutes or less? Sign me up.
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