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Star Wars Drones Coming in 2016 from Propel
Propel is preparing to launch four Star Wars-themed drones this winter that you'll be able fly at speeds up to 40 MPH and engage in "real-world laser battles" with others.
Robot Fun · Drones
Drone Delivers Ice Cream to UK Beachgoers
An ice cream shop on a beach in Britain successfully tested a drone delivery system that uses a modified DJI Inspire drone and three GPS sensors to carry up to four ice creams to beachgoers.
Robot Fun · Drones
Code-friendly SDK Makes Cozmo a Better Pal
Anki's free Cozmo SDK lets you program Cozmo to do something with a single line of code that once would have required a PhD-level expert in robotics and AI to achieve.
Robot Fun · Robot Toys
Drone Delivery Takes Off in China for the first time used its self-developed drones to deliver online purchases made by villagers in Suqian city of East China's Jiangsu province.
Robot Fun · Drones
Cozmo AI Robot Brings Wall-E to Life
The new Cozmo robot toy from Anki uses an emotion engine and artificial intelligence to come to life, play games, and evolve over time.
Robot Fun · Robot Toys
Watch: Flirtey Completes Historic Ship-to-Shore Drone Delivery
Flirtey successfully completed the first ship-to-shore drone delivery in the U.S., delivering medical supplies from a vessel to an onshore medical camp in Cape May, New Jersey.
Robot Fun · Drones
Commercial Drone Rules Announced by FAA
Under the FAA's new rules for small commercial drones, pilots no longer need special permission from the government to fly.
Robot Fun · Drones
Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball Teaches Kids to Love Code
The Sphero SPRK+ robot ball is designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding.
Robot Fun · Robot Toys · Education
Flirtey Performing First Ship-to-Shore Drone Delivery in US
Flirtey will conduct the first ship-to-shore drone delivery in the US on June 23 in Cape May, New Jersey, carrying medical samples between an on-shore medical relief camp and a test facility on a vessel stationed off the coast.
Robot Fun · Drones
Ehang 184 Passenger Drone Approved by Nevada for Testing
The Ehang 184, the world's first passenger drone, has received approval from Nevada's governor's office for development at the state's FAA-approved drone test site. However, the FAA has yet to approve it for testing.
Robot Fun · Drones
Drone Registration No Drag as Sales Soar
Drone sales have grown 224 percent year-over-year to nearly $200 million, according to The NPD Group. DJI continues to lead the way with a 49% share of the market.
Robot Fun · Drones
Drone Registration Database Released by FAA
The FAA released its database that shows how many drones owners are registered in each city, state, or zip code. The FAA is not posting the names and street addresses of registered owners.
Robot Fun · Drones
3 Budget-Friendly Drones Compatible with VR Headsets
Drones that work with virtual reality headsets don't have to break your budget. Here are three low-cost drones that are compatible with VR headsets.
Robot Fun · Drones
MIT Wants to Reinvent 3D Printing
As MIT course challenges students to reinvent 3D printing, professor John Hart aims to share approach with others.
Robot Fun · 3D Printers
Drone Flies into Model’s Face During Photo Shoot
This was the first time aspiring model Jess Adams worked with a drone, and most likely her last.
Robot Fun · Drones

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