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You Should Be More Scared of Smartphones Than Robots
Gill Pratt, one of the top roboticists in the world, says people should not fear robots because they have legs. He says you should be more worried about all the data you carry around on your cellphone, and who has access to it.
Future Tech · Science & Technology
A Cyclist’s Encounter with an Indecisive Google Self-Driving Car
A bicyclist recently had a two-minute standoff with a Google self-driving car at a four-way stop in Austin, Texas. So what happened? We explain.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Uber Strengthens Self-Driving Car Team
Uber has partnered with the University of Arizona on the research and development of mapping and optics for self-driving cars. Uber will also test test its self-driving vehicles on Tucson streets.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Narrow Roads No Problem for Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars face many unsolved problems. But contrary to popular belief, narrow roads are not a problem for self-driving cars. In fact, it's a scenario in which the robot cars can far outperform humans
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Rank the Creepiest Humanoid Robots
Humanoid robots continue to get creepier and creepier. We need your help to determine which is the creepiest of all time. Vote in our interactive list and let us know which humanoid keeps you up at night.
Future Tech · Humanoid Robots
Watch Google’s Terrifying Atlas Humanoid Run in the Woods
Atlas, a 6-foot, 2-inch humanoid robot from Google-owned Boston Dynamics, has drastically improved its walking ability since the DRC Finals. Watch it run through the woods and traverse rough terrain.
Future Tech · Humanoid Robots
7 Potential Designs for Apple’s Self-Driving Car
Apple fans speculate about what Apple's self-driving vehicle might look like. Which design is your favorite?
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Apple Self-Driving Car in the Works
Apple is looking for testing facilities for a self-driving car in the San Francisco Bay area, according to a report, which shows Project Titan is further along than anyone thought.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Meet HERMES the Humanoid Robot with Human-like Reflexes
Researchers from MIT have designed an interface that takes advantage of a human's split-second reflexes allowing a humanoid to maintain its balance and complete tasks.
Future Tech · Humanoid Robots
18 Pros and Cons of Google’s Restructuring for Self-Driving Cars
Brad Templeton, once a consultant for Google's self-driving car team, offers some insight on how Google's recent restructuring might impact its robocars division.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
This Might be the Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet
Erica, a 23-year-old humanoid robot developed by Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, understands spoken Japanese not only with audio, but with body language - blinking, moving your head, raising your eyebrows, and more.
Future Tech · Humanoid Robots
How MIT is Making Robot Hands More Human-Like
MIT engineers have devised a way to give more dexterity to simple robotic grippers using the environment as a helping hand. Their model predicts the force with which a robotic gripper must push against surrounding fixtures in order to adjust its grasp.
Future Tech
hitchBOT Hitchhiking Robot Found Headless
After just two weeks and 300 miles into its journey, the hitchBOT robot was found headless and beaten to a pulp in Philadelphia.
Future Tech · Humanoid Robots
MIT SLAM System Helps Robots Better Identify Objects
MIT recently demonstrated how SLAM can be used to improve object-recognition systems, which will be a vital component of future robots that have to manipulate the objects around them in arbitrary ways. The system uses SLAM information to augment existing object-recognition algorithms. Its performance should thus continue to improve as computer-vision researchers develop better recognition software, and roboticists develop better SLAM software.
Future Tech · Science & Technology
Video: An Introduction to Controlling Self-Driving Cars
A new video sheds some more light on exactly how self-driving cars can follow their desired trajectories.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation

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