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3D Printed Hand Exoskeleton Simplifies Rehab
The Assisted Finger Orthosis hand exoskeleton can be customized for an individual using 48 parameters. The battery-powered device uses small linear motors that can be programmed to move fingers as part of the rehab process.
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Podcast: Talking 3D Printed Robotic Hands with Joel Gibbard
Joel Gibbard, founder of Open Bionics, joins us to discuss the development of the company's low-cost, advanced robotic hands that are created using 3D printing. We also talk about Open Bionics' superhero-themed robot hands and what the future holds.
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MIT Maps Human Movement to Improve Assistive Robots
MIT is working on modeling a human's lower extremities during walking to create robotic devices that mimic biological function as closely. This can be used to improve assistive devices that can help maintain or correct the gait of people recovering from strokes.
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AI Cutting Development of Cancer Drug in Half
Berg Health has developed an AI that will allow it to be more "predictive and effective" during the development of its cancer-fighting drug BPM31510 and cut the time to market from 14 years to seven.
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Frozen, Iron Man, Star Wars 3D-Printed Hands Coming from Open Bionics
Open Bionics has unveiled three LED-studded robotic hands designed after Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen characters. These robotic hands are intended to stand out and allow the children to proudly wear their prosthesis.
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RoboCoach Robot Trainer Personalizing Elderly Workouts
Seniors centers in Singapore will start using a robot trainer, RoboCoach, to offer personalized workouts that are more enjoyable. RoboCoach will also ensure the seniors are performing the exercises correctly to get the maximum benefit from the workouts.
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Watch: Line Marking Robot Creates a Perfect Soccer Field
Watch a drone's-eye view of the Intelligent One autonomous field marking robot create the perfect soccer field with precision of +/- 2 cm.
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New System Makes 3D-Printed Heart in Hours
A new system from MIT and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers converts MRI scans into 3D-printed heart models. The models could provide a more intuitive way for surgeons to assess and prepare for the anatomical idiosyncrasies of individual patients.
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Exoskeleton, Spinal Stimulation Help Paralyzed Man Voluntarily Control Legs
Mark Pollock was paralyzed in 2010 after falling from a second-story window. Today, with the help of an Ekso Bionics exoskeleton and spinal stimulation, he can voluntarily assist the exoskeleton while taking steps.
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Self-Driving Golf Carts Test Skills in Singapore
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology conduct experiment at a public garden in which self-driving golf carts ferried 500 tourists around winding paths trafficked by pedestrians, bicyclists, and the occasional monitor lizard.
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Robotically-Steered Needles May Improve Diagnostic Procedures
The University of Twente has developed a robot-assisted system for steering flexible needles that can reach their target in tissue with sub-millimeter level accuracy.
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Meet the Humanoid Robot Reducing Football Concussions
Dartmouth football is using the autonomous Mobile Virtual Player during practice to reduce injuries and simulate realistic game scenarios.
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How Baxter the Robot Can Help Blind People Navigate
For people with sight, the necessary tasks associated with urban living – crossing the street, sorting bus tickets or finding a store – are accomplished without a second thought. Innovations using collaborative robots can make these tasks just as easy for the blind population.
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Surgical Robot Performs Historic Kidney Transplant
A sister-to-sister kidney transplant in France is the first to combine robotics, vaginal access and the donated organ's implantation immediately after its removal.
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5-Year-Old Throws Out 1st Pitch With 3D Printed Robotic Hand
Hailey Dawson, born with a rare congenital disease that affected the growth of her right hand, receives a custom Baltimore Orioles-themed prosthetic hand to throw out the first pitch at Camden Yards.
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