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7 Robots Santa Can’t Deliver Until 2016
There are a bunch of highly-anticipated robots that, for a variety of reasons, won't be ready for the 2015 holiday season. Some are still in the production process, while others haven't cleared regulatory issues and others haven't completely figured out the technology just yet.
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Alpha 2 Humanoid Robot Surpasses $1M on Indiegogo
In celebration of surpassing the stretch goal, UBTECH is donating 10 Alpha 2 robots to robotic research institutions and developers around the world to promote faster development and interest in the future of humanoid robotics.
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Do Jibo’s Imperfections Make Him More Entertaining?
None of us are perfect, not even Jibo. And that’s what makes us fun.
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How Buddy Is Helping Autistic Children
Social robots like Buddy are becoming crucial technologies to help people with autism better integrate in our society
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Nearly 100M Consumer Robots Will be Sold in Next 5 Years
According to a new report from Tractica, annual shipments of consumer robots will increase from 6.6 million units in 2015 to 31.2 million units worldwide by 2020, with a cumulative total of 96.7 million consumer robots shipped during that period. The fastest growth will occur in robotic personal assistants.
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Ecovacs Sells $47 Million of Home Robots in 24 Hours
For the second year in a row, Ecovacs Robotics sold the largest number of products in the small appliances category on Singles’ Day, the largest online shopping day in the world
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Hacked Amazon Echo Controls a Wheelchair
Watch as Amazon Echo thinks it turning lights on and off as it's really controlling a wheelchair.
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Alpha 2 Humanoid Robot is Your Family’s Personal Assistant
UBTECH's Alpha 2 humanoid robot is designed as an interactive family companion capable of accomplishing a range of typical household tasks.
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How Building Jibo’s Skills is Similar to Creating Video Games
For developers from the video gaming world, there are some very interesting parallels between writing a game and writing a Jibo skill.
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How Buddy’s Design Helps Him Engage with Your Family
Buddy's design was inspired by Wall-E, R2D2 and babies. We take a look at what went into the companion robot's personality and how he engages with families.
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Jibo Production Process Well Underway
Jibo’s manufacturing team recently got back from a trip to China, where they were working with Jibo’s contract manufacturer on the Jibo Engineering Validation Test.
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Pepper Humanoid Robot Debuts in France
Pepper, the humanoid robot from Softbank, has debuted in France, marking the first time the companion robot has ventured outside of Japan.
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Do You Know Why Jibo Only Has 1 Eye?
Jibo’s eye is designed to convey a multitude of things and play an integral role in the skills developers build. So, if the eye is such an important piece of Jibo, why is there only one?
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Buddy Robot Adds 3D Vision, Expanded Personality
Thanks to 3D vision and an enhance personality, Buddy the companion robot is going to be an even closer part of the family.
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Do We Really Need a Robot That Doubles as a Smartphone?
RoboHon is a bi-pedal robot that doubles as a smartphone that can read text messages, walk, talk, dance, and be your personal assistant. But is it practical?
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