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Pepper Humanoid Robot Debuts in France
Pepper, the humanoid robot from Softbank, has debuted in France, marking the first time the companion robot has ventured outside of Japan.
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Do You Know Why Jibo Only Has 1 Eye?
Jibo’s eye is designed to convey a multitude of things and play an integral role in the skills developers build. So, if the eye is such an important piece of Jibo, why is there only one?
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Buddy Robot Adds 3D Vision, Expanded Personality
Thanks to 3D vision and an enhance personality, Buddy the companion robot is going to be an even closer part of the family.
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Do We Really Need a Robot That Doubles as a Smartphone?
RoboHon is a bi-pedal robot that doubles as a smartphone that can read text messages, walk, talk, dance, and be your personal assistant. But is it practical?
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How Jibo’s Movements Help Him Engage with Humans
For social robots, movement is very important as it ties to how much of human communication is non-verbal. Jibo enjoys 360 degrees of motion, and there are two reasons why.
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The Evolution of Jibo’s Design
Jibo's design team explored lots of forms and sizes before landing on Jibo’s final physique, one with familiarity, aesthetic longevity and appeal.
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How Back to the Future Influenced Jibo’s Voice
Jibo VP of Design Blade Kotelley talks about how the design team selected Jibo’s voice and how that affects human-robot interaction.
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10 Most Funded Robots Ever on Indiegogo
More robots are launching on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo. We compiled the 10 most successfully funded robots on Indiegogo, including drones, 3D printers, and more.
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11 Principles of Animation Bring Jibo to Life
Jibo’s design team borrowed from the classic principles of animation to bring the family robot to life. Here's how Jibo applies those principles.
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Savioke Dash Robot Joins Staff of Silicon Valley Hotel
The Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley is now using a delivery robot from Savioke, called Dash, to provide quick delivery of snacks, toothbrushes and other amenities to hotel guests.
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Sota Home Robot to Care for Japan’s Elderly
NTT, Japan's largest telecommunications company, is rolling out its Sota interactive robot in elderly care facilities to talk with and help care for people.
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Customize Your Buddy Companion Robot with this Software Development Kit
Blue Frog Robotics has launched a software development kit and developer program for its Buddy companion robot. Developers can make the open-source robot smarter by giving him new skills, content, and features.
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On the Road Again: hitchBOT Hitchhikes Across America
“There’s this issue of trust in popular media where we see a lot of dystopian visions of a future with robots that have gone rogue or out of control. In this case, we’ve designed something that actually needs human empathy to accomplish its goals.”
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Household Robot Buddy Looks for $100k via Crowdfunding
France-based Blue Frog Robotics succeeds in raising money for its mobile companion robot, which includes open-source hardware and software.
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Could a Pocket-Sized Robot Replace Your Smartphone?
Tomotaka Takahashi, CEO of Robo Garage, is developing a pocket-sized robot that can move, express emotions, and socialize with you. He thinks it could replace your smartphone.
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