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Watch: MARTY the Self-Driving DeLorean Does Perfect Donuts
MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control) is a self-driving DeLorean that was built by students at Stanford. All it can do at this point is complete continuous donuts, but the goal is to have MARTY drifting around a track competing against a professional driver.
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Are We Overhyping Tesla Autopilot?
Brad Templeton says Tesla's Autopilot, and similar systems, might not be that exciting, serving as a stepping stone products to something that will truly change the world.
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Tesla Jumps Onto Self-Driving On-Ramp with Autopilot
Tens of thousands of Tesla owners will get their first taste of autonomous driving technology as the electric carmaker pushes out its Autopilot software update. Watch Tesla's Model S autonomously navigate the traffic-ridden streets of New York City.
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Jay Leno: Self-Driving Cars Pure Hype
Jay Leno, former host of "The Tonight Show" and car aficionado, says "the idea of you jumping in the back seat with a bottle of scotch in the car driving you from bar to bar, that's not really going to happen."
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Why Self-Driving Cars Should Never be Fully Autonomous
MIT professor and historian David Mindell predicts fully driverless cars will not be the most successful version of autonomous vehicles, for both technical and social reasons. Here's why he says Google’s utopian autonomy is a more brittle, less functional solution than a rich, human-centered automation.
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Transparency from Self-Driving Car Makers a Major Hurdle
Brian Soublet, deputy director of the California DMV, offered some insight into the challenges of regulating self-driving cars while speaking at a Volvo event. He says one of the biggest challenges is getting self-driving car manufacturers to be transparent about their projects.
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Volvo: We’ll Accept Liability in Self-Driving Car Accidents
One of the more common questions surrounding self-driving cars is who will be liable in a crash. Well, an automaker has finally stepped up to the plate as Volvo said it will accept full liability when one of its self-driving cars gets into an accident in self-driving mode.
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Could a Volkswagen-Like Scandal Happen to Self-Driving Cars?
It’s not too surprising companies might cheat to improve the bottom line, especially when they convince themselves they won’t get caught. What does the recent Volkswagen scandal mean for self-driving cars? Brad Templeton explains.
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Watch: Robot Taxi Trials Coming to Japan
Robot Taxi will test its self-driving cabs on public roads in Japan beginning early in 2016, taking passengers on two miles trips. The company hopes to commercialize the service by 2020.
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8 Reasons Self-Driving Cars Are a Cyclist’s Best Friend
Most drivers are in such a hurry they don't pay any attention to the most exposed commuters on city streets: cyclists. Here's why cyclists are better off in a world without human drivers.
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Watch: Yutong Self-Driving Bus Takes 20-Mile Ride in China
A Yutong self-driving bus just completed a 20-mile intercity drive in Zhengzhou, driving through regular traffic without any human assistance. The bus hit a top speed of 68 km/h, passed 26 traffic lights and was able to change lanes without any problem.
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Is Pay-Per-Mile Insurance the Answer for Self-Driving Cars?
Most auto insurance companies are unprepared for the arrival of self-driving cars. Metromile, however, is a firm that charges based on how much you use your car and could reflect how auto insurance will work in the era of self-driving cars.
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LIDAR Hacks Fairly Unlikely Attacks on Self-Driving Cars
To attack a self-driving car's LIDAR system, the hacker needs to physically be near the car and a solid object needs to be in front of the car. As Brad Templeton explains, other sensors in self-driving cars can more easily be compromised.
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Honda Self-Driving Cars OK’d for California Roads
The state of California has given permission to Honda to test self-driving cars on public roads. The Japanese car maker also has a self-driving car testing facility in Concord, Calif., where these cars get a test run before on-road testing.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Steve Wozniak: Self-Driving Cars Make Sense for Apple
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, says self-driving cars will be a huge market, which is why it makes sense for Apple to pursue the category.
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