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Narrow Roads No Problem for Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars face many unsolved problems. But contrary to popular belief, narrow roads are not a problem for self-driving cars. In fact, it's a scenario in which the robot cars can far outperform humans
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
7 Potential Designs for Apple’s Self-Driving Car
Apple fans speculate about what Apple's self-driving vehicle might look like. Which design is your favorite?
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Apple Self-Driving Car in the Works
Apple is looking for testing facilities for a self-driving car in the San Francisco Bay area, according to a report, which shows Project Titan is further along than anyone thought.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
18 Pros and Cons of Google’s Restructuring for Self-Driving Cars
Brad Templeton, once a consultant for Google's self-driving car team, offers some insight on how Google's recent restructuring might impact its robocars division.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Video: An Introduction to Controlling Self-Driving Cars
A new video sheds some more light on exactly how self-driving cars can follow their desired trajectories.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Do Consumers Want Self-Driving Cars?
A new study asked drivers what level of autonomy they want in cars. You might be surprised by how many said they prefer completely self-driving cars.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Video: Google Self-Driving Car Accident Injures 4
A Google self-driving Lexus SUV was rear-ended in Mountain View, Calif. All passengers complained of whiplash, while Google's SUV had slight damage to its rear bumper, while the vehicle that struck it lost its front bumper.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Here’s What it’s Like Driving Behind a Google Self-Driving Car
Watch a Google self-driving car safely navigate the streets of Mountain View, Calif.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Controversy Ensues as Google Self-Driving Cars Hit California Roads
Google's self-driving cars have officially taken to the roads of California, but the controversy the controversy begin as two self-driving cars reportedly had a near-collision in Silicon Valley. Or did they?
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Can Self-Driving Cars Redefine Old Age?
A new study finds that poor public transportation curtails lives of almost 1.5 million elderly people in England. Here's how the advent of self-driving cars could revolutionize old age.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Why Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Will be Here Sooner Than you Think
The California Labor Commission ruled that an Uber driver should be classified as an employee, giving the startup some incentive to focus even more on self-driving cars.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
5 Things You Might Not Know About Google’s Self-Driving Cars
By now you've heard Google's self-driving cars are coming. But here's a roundup of some facts you just might not know about the robot cars.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Human Driver Races Audi RS 7 Autonomous Car: Who Will Win?
A human driver recently raced Audi' RS 7 autonomous car at the Ascari racetrack in Spain. The race was decided by two-tenths of a second. Find out who came out on top.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
How Safe Are Google’s Self-Driving Cars?
A new report sheds light on the number of accidents Google's self-driving cars have been involved in. How do Google's cars compare to the national average?
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Mini Self-Driving Cars Race at MIT
Mini self-driving cars race through tunnels at MIT. Watch the fastest car in the group and one that repeatedly crashes.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation

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