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10 Epic Self-Driving Car Trips
A look back at 10 memorable rides that helped spur the development of self-driving cars.
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Uber Self-Driving Car Hits Pittsburgh’s Streets
Uber began testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh weeks ago but finally confirmed the tests for the first time. Uber's self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid, which is in the early testing stages, will be collecting mapping data as well as testing its self-driving capabilities.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Self-Driving Trucks: 7 Things You Need to Know
Otto, a startup founded by former Google Maps and Google Car engineers, aims to put self-driving trucks on the road. Here are seven ways self-driving trucks will change transportation.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Watch: NVIDIA Self-Driving Car Learns How to Become a Better Driver
After just 3,000 miles, NVIDIA's self-driving car uses its DAVENET deep-learning network to learn the rules of the road and become a better driver.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Google Self-Driving Car Runs Over People in GTA 5 Mod
A Grand Theft Auto V mod shows a Google self-driving car wreaking havoc in Los Santos, running over people on sidewalks and driving the wrong way on the highway.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Self-Driving Minivans Being Built by Google, Chrysler
Google will collaborate with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to put its self-driving car technology into 100 Pacifica minivans
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Self-Driving Car Coalition to Accelerate Time to Market
Ford, Google, Lyft, Uber and Volvo, have formed the "Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets" coalition to speed up the time to market for self-driving cars. The coalition will "work with lawmakers, regulators and the public to realize the safety and societal benefits of self-driving vehicles."
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Self-Driving Cars Meet Rubber Duckies in ‘Duckietown’
"Duckietown" is model town created by an MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory class where students built a fleet of 50 "Duckiebot" self-driving taxis that can drive around the model city with just a single on-board camera and no pre-programmed maps.
Education · Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Tesla Autopilot Terrifies 70-year-old Grandmother
Watch this grandmother freak out and think she's "about to die" as she rides in a self-driving Tesla Model S.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Will Self-Driving Taxis Help the Poor?
Self-driving taxis will offer many conveniences, but how can the industry make sure there aren't too many challenges that prevent poor people from reaping the benefits? Brad Templeton explores this issue.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
How Will Self-Driving Cars Handle Tsunamis?
Self-driving cars are constantly being put to the test. Brad Templeton explains why self-driving cars should do a "superhuman job" when a tsunami hits.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
3 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change Transportation
Self-driving cars can undoubtedly change the transportation industry, but only if humans can let go of any dependence on personal automobiles.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Comes with Autopilot
The hardware and safety features of Tesla Autopilot come standard in Tesla's new Model 3 electric car, but "convenience features" such as self-parking and automatic lane changing, will cost owners extra.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Crappy US Roads Major Roadblock for Self-Driving Cars
Poor lane markings and uneven signage on the three million miles of paved roads in the United States are becoming a serious problem for the development of self-driving cars.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation’s Quest to Build Self-Driving Cars Better than Google
Brad Templeton takes us inside's quest to build a self-driving almost entirely from deep neural networks that learns from the humans driving it.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation

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