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Self-Driving Cars a Boon for Personal Transportation
The one-person self-driving taxi is a very practical vehicle, says analyst Brad Templeton, and it’s possible to make it much cheaper than today’s cars.
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Will Robotic Car Sharing Become the Ultimate Driving Method?
A new study from ABI Research says by 2030 400 million people will rely on robotic car sharing, which will become the ultimate form of transportation."
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Cruise Automation Purchase Shows GM ‘Way Behind’ on Self-Driving Cars
Analyst Brad Templeton explores the role Uber played in GM's $1 billion purchase of Cruise Automation Inc., which is a desperate attempt for the world's second-largest car company to make headway in the self-driving car race.
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Watch Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit a Bus
Surveillance video has been released that shows the Valentine's Day accident between a Google self-driving car and California public transit bus.
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Stanford’s Self-Driving Car ‘Shelley’ Races Around at 120 MPH
Stanford developed its "Shelley" self-driving car that can hit speeds up to 120 MPH to see how the car adjusts its throttle and braking systems. Stanford hopes to use the data to improve collision avoidance software.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Video Shows Aftermath of Google’s Self-Driving Car Accident
Video captures the damage a Google self-driving car sustained after hitting a public bus in California on Valentine's Day.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Google’s Self-Driving Car Accident: Why it’s a Good Thing
Following a Valentine's Day accident with a public bus in California, Google says it has learned that big vehicles are much less likely to yield to its self-driving cars.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Google Self-Driving Car Caused its First Accident
While driving in autonomous mode, a Google self-driving car struck a public transit bus in California on Valentine's Day. The Google self-driving car was trying to get around some sandbags on a street when its left front hit the bus' right side. Nobody was injured. Did a Google Self-Driving Car Just Cause it First Accident?
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Tesla Autopilot Fails to Brake When Approaching Stopped Car
A YouTube video shows a Tesla Model S driving in Autopilot fail to brake as it approaches a stopped car at a red light. The human driver had to take over and slam on the brakes after deciding Autopilot wasn't going to brake in time.
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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick: Self-Driving Cars to ‘Take a lot Longer’
Speaking at the TED conference in Vancouver, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said "it's likely to take a lot longer" for self-driving cars hit the roads, and even longer for them to change the world.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
NHTSA Shares Reserved Outlook on Self-Driving Cars
Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, told the MIT AgeLab that it is too soon to say precisely what form vehicular automation will take.
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Week in Review: Google Self-Driving Cars are Legal Drivers
A look at the week's top consumer robotics stories, including Google's self-driving cars becoming legal drivers and the FAA shrinking the DC no-drone zone.
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Google Self-Driving Cars Are Legal Drivers, U.S. Rules
Google's self-driving cars can be considered legal drivers under federal law, according to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. In this setup, none of the human passengers would require a driving license.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Google Self-Driving Trucks Want to Deliver Your Packages
Google has been awarded a patent for self-driving delivery trucks that would bring packages to your door. The trucks would be fitted with lockers that could be unlocked via a PIN code sent to the customer or by using the customer's credit card or an NFC reader. Once your package is received, the delivery truck is either onto its next delivery or back to the warehouse to pick up more packages.
Future Tech · Driverless Transportation
Americans Not Ready for Self-Driving Cars, Poll Finds
A poll from Morning Consult found registered voters in America don't believe self-driving cars are safe. And 74 percent of those surveyed said it's not OK to be drunk while riding in a self-driving car.
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